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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: December 3-7

1. Add One More Stressful Element to the Holidays: When Mom and Dad Need Long-Term Care

For many of us, the holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate family. It’s a time to reconnect with far-flung loved ones and revisit familiar rituals with parents and siblings. But … — Chris Orestis

2. The 4 Keys to Successful Business Exit

Every financial adviser hopes to retire in luxury one day on the proceeds of their business sale. — Tony Vidler

3. What Does It Take to Produce Viral Content for Financial Services?

We’ve all heard the rags-to-riches success stories that brands, content creators, and companies can sometimes experience when something they’ve created “goes viral.” — Alexandra Levis

4. Are You Too Emotionally Attached to Your Stocks?

Why are people so passionate about holding onto certain stocks? — Jim Black

5. Capture These 5 Blue Chip REITs!

As I prepared for Thanksgiving this year, I didn’t hunt wild turkey on the plains, but rather sought a handful of Blue Chip REITs, to serve up for your portfolio. — Brad Thomas

6. Differentiate Yourself: Try Marketing

Many advisors are frustrated with their growth and business development but, ironically, most advisors don’t do any marketing! (Although they may think they do.) — Stephen Wershing

7. The Rewards From Sticking With Your Strategy

Let’s just admit it—you’ve been tempted to stray. Yes, you committed yourself to a brand + business strategy. You even wrote it down to keep you on the straight and narrow. — Rochelle Moulton

8. 7 Tax Reform Opportunities and How to Spot Them

As the holidays near, visions of new tax savings dance in our heads. But knowing how to spot them is what really matters. — Chad Smith

9. Why You Want to Attend Every Holiday Party This Year

December means parties. Clients have them. The Chamber does too. The local symphony has a holiday concert. Friends have friends over. Families gather. Say yes to them all. — Bryce Sanders

10. 5 Ways to Get a Meeting With Anyone

There really isn’t one trick or secret that will make you into a great salesperson. As long as you learn the sales process, are able to listen well, communicate your value proposition effectively, then follow-up, you’re going to succeed. — Ken Kupchik

11. Why You Need to Treat Your Clients and Prospects like Snowflakes

No two people’s financial situations are ever the same. Finding a financial advisor who really understands that and who can deliver truly tailored advice is getting progressively more difficult. — Hugh Massie