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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: November 12-16

1. The Pathway to Obsolescence: The AUM Business Model for Advisors and Why It Must Change

Perfecting a decreasing margin business model is insane…and yet this is happening all over the world today in financial advisor offices. — Mike Garrison

2. Millennials and Responsible Investing: Bridging the Generation Gap

Millennials are certainly not the first generation to care about the environment, social justice, or racial and gender equity. — Jennifer Sireklove

3. Storyselling: Six Magic Words Guaranteed to Engage Your Clients

There are six words you can say that will instantly engage someone: let me tell you a story. — Matthew Paine

4. The Future of E-Commerce and Retail Will Be Written in China

China’s experiments in shopping are moving into high gear. The world needs to pay attention. — Justin Levering & Bhavtosh Vajpayee

5. The Most Effective Way to Influence Others

As a leader—or even if you’re not one, as yet—communication is the centerpiece of your career. — Nancy Fredericks

6. How to Offer More to Your Ideal Clients

Why would financial advisors offer more? More value, more services, more advice? — Grant Hicks

7. Global Equity Views 4Q 2018

Our investors are cautious of rising U.S. interest rates and economic and profits cycles that are long by historical standards, but we still expect profits growth to support markets next year. — Paul Quinsee

8. Human Behavior Is Predictable, Markets Are Not

Understanding how to uniquely manage each client during periods of market volatility is a major issue for advisory firms. — Hugh Massie

9. Leaders: How Your Audacious Goal Can Actually Hurt People

The “grand plan” is typically developed by trying to maximize the value created for shareholders. — Roy Osing

10. Only Stupid Entrepreneurs Build Their Wings on the Way Down

Plans change; that’s a fact of life, and it will never stop. But that’s not a reason not to plan. — Ted Rubin

11. Making Mobile Payments Pay Your Portfolio

Disruptive (and investable) technological themes are permeating an array of previously prosaic industries, including the financial services space. — Todd Schriber