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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: November 19-23

1. Navigating Volatile Markets: Get Invested, Stay Invested

A market without volatility would be unnatural, like an ocean without waves. The free market, like the open ocean, is constantly churning. — Samantha Azzarello and Jordan Jackson

2. You’re (Possibly) Richer Than You Think

Clearly defining your financial situation might help you face market volatility which can be expected to continue in 2019. — Al Emid

3. 11 Ways the New Tax Law Could Help or Hurt Your Tax Return

2018 is the first full year under the new tax reform. Will your income tax return take a hit? Are there any changes that you will actually benefit from? — Larry Heller

4. Women in Sales: What Sets Them Apart

After recently attending the Women Sales Pros Session, hosted by sales guru and trainer, Lori Richardson, I was inspired to write a blog post on the topic of Women in Sales. — Taice Perrotti

5. Being Accountable Will Be The Key to Your Success

Being accountable will benefit not only your business, but every aspect of your life. Being accountable to yourself will help you focus your attention on your performance, encouraging you to set and achieve personal goals. — Don Connelly

6. How to Start Your Journey to Be Different

Being different; standing out from the crowd has amazing long lasting value. It attracts attention — people are generally used to blandness where everyone and everything blends in and conforms to accepted norms. — Roy Osing

7. Why Should I Do Business With You?

Everyone wants to save money. Cutting out the middleman seems a fine place to start. Robo-advisors, no load funds and online trading provide a roadmap. — Bryce Sanders

8. Beware the “Known-Unknowns”

October reminded us that markets can be volatile, with the S&P 500 dropping -6.84%, its worst one-month drop since September 2011 — Salvatore Bruno

9. Are You Running Your Business Like a True Professional, or Just Winging It?

Are you running your business like a true professional with procedures and structures in place or are you simply just winging it? Do it right and enjoy the benefits! — Paul Kingsman

10. What If Magic Was Part Of Your Strategy?

OK, so hear me out on this. I’m not suggesting that you sit on the sidelines, hoping and praying for some sort of magical intervention that instantly makes your business successful. You’re smarter than that. — Rochelle Moulton

11. Revolutionize How Your Clients Think of Their Relationship With Money

As a financial advisor – how do you differentiate yourself? Realistically, pricing and services are pretty constant across the board now, so what’s left to make you stand out? The answer is your client relationships. — Matt Halloran, Scott and Bethany Palmer