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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: November 26-30

1. Navigating Volatile Markets: Get Invested, Stay Invested

Market volatility has come back with a vengeance. In October, U.S. equities finished the month down -6.9%, after recovering slightly from a -9.9% pullback from its September peak marking the worst month since September 2011. — Samantha Azzarello and Jordan Jackson

2. 5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Value Proposition

Businesses that fail to quickly and clearly articulate their uniqueness and value have failed at the most simple and critical business requirements—defining why you. — Kirk Lowe

3. Helping the Odds for a Successful Wealth Transfer

The general story is all too tragically familiar. The last statement and legacy of our loved ones is often found within the context of legal documents, defined largely by legal standards which have little meaning or comprehension to those left behind. The result can be disastrous. — Steve Marken

4. Moat Investing: Resilience, Not Reliance

The Morningstar® Wide Moat Focus IndexSM (MWMFTR, or “U.S. Moat Index”) displayed strength in October relative to U.S. large cap stocks as represented by the Morningstar® US Large Cap IndexSM. — Brandon Rakszawski

5. 6 Smart Year-End Tax-Saving Money Moves

Why is it, every year after Thanksgiving, we are “shocked” to find that we are hurtling towards December 31st? — Dana Anspach

6. The Top 10 Health Insurance Trends of 2019

Rising healthcare costs, increased competition, and operational efficiencies are putting pressure on insurers’ profitability. — Bill Sullivan

7. Why Clients Will Leave You Next Year

Top advisors manage their capacity by taking more time off. They have the systems and processes in place with their staff to service clients and manage expectations. — Grant Hicks

8. The Financial Advisor as Emotional Guide

The current volatility means that some individuals need more than bottom-line financial advice. And some advisors can help with the extra needs. — Al Emid

9. What is a Selfless Approach to Planning?

Have you noticed that our society has become more ME-driven? — Justin Bennett

10. Value Vs. Growth: Deciphering the Indexes

Few things in this world are guaranteed: death, taxes, and fluctuations in the global stock market. — Mark Pearson

11. How Advisory Firms Can Stop Dying and Start Living!

Without the existence of a strong strategic team, you can kiss away the idea of positive growth, culture, and profitability. — Jennifer Goldman