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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: October 15-19

1. Why China Is a New Nexus of Innovation and Creativity

China’s rise as a global technology powerhouse is becoming broadly acknowledged, but the scale, nuance, and innovation encapsulated in that rise does not enjoy the same recognition. — Justin Leverenz

2. Barrick-Randgold Sets Bar for Future Gold Mergers

The gold market spent the month consolidating around the $1,200 per ounce level. There wasn’t much news to move the metal, and the markets didn’t react to the widely expected September U.S. Federal Reserve rate increase. — Joe Foster

3. When Botox Affects Your Portfolio

Facial Recognition software tools marketed by businesses such as Faception and Decipher claim to be able to identify an individual’s personality and behavior. — Carol Pocklington

4. If You Can’t Reason With People, Attack Their Heart

Every leader has to deal with one of their employees who is a challenge; who is a high spirited “stallion” who pushes all our buttons — after all that’s one of the reasons we hired them. — Roy Osing

5. 14 Ways to Get Clients to Take Money off the Table

“No tree grows to the sky.” It’s an old German saying implying high growth companies usually don’t stay that way forever. — Bruce Sanders

6. How to Turn From Frustrated to Focused

When it comes to our own success, we all need to get out of our own way, as we are often the number one thing inhibiting and prohibiting our own success. — Matt Halloran

7. A Powerful Tool to Manage Market Volatility

In times of market stress, investors often consider rash decisions of moving between risk-on equity exposures to risk-off vehicles, often when it is already too late. — Salvatore Bruno

8. The 2 Questions Business Owners Must Ask to Protect the Business

Imagine being a successful business owner who’s done just about everything right as you approach retirement. —Elizabeth J Mower

9. 3 Reasons to Loosen the Constraints of Your Bond Portfolio

In an environment of strong growth, rising rates and still-low yields, the ability to invest flexibly across global bond markets is particularly valuable. But where do the opportunities lie? — Nick Gartside

10. Why You Need a Referral Strategy and How to Develop One

Many advisors are uncomfortable asking clients outright for referrals, finding it hard to strike a balance between being aboveboard about wanting to acquire new business and being pushy or needy. — Don Connelly

11. What Credit Card Debt Can Tell You About Yourself

You can tell a lot about a person by their finances. Usually, I look at ones assets and make some pretty good assumptions about how they save. — Andrew Rosen