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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: October 22-26

1. 3 Things Clients Want to Do: Don’t Let Them

During your career, you’ll find over and over again that emotions cloud clients’ investment decisions – clients are not always inclined to act in their own best interests. — Don Connelly

2. Is the Mini-Correction a Preview of What’s to Come?

Buckle Up! Sometimes it helps to take a pause before jumping into an analysis of a traumatic event. — Al Emid

3. The 2 Questions Business Owners Must Ask to Protect the Business

Imagine being a successful business owner who’s done just about everything right as you approach retirement. — Elizabeth J. Mower

4. Don’t Tell Them, Show Them: The Nuts and Bolts of Using Video to Engage Your Clients

For creating compelling content to reach clients and prospective clients, take a line from screenwriters: don’t tell them, show them. — Dan Callahan

5. Advisors: What If “Referral Only” Was Really a Strategy?

Many financial advisory firms, even most, indicate that referrals are there single most important source of new clients. — Stephen Wershing

6. 5 Lessons Salespeople Can Learn From Police Interrogators

Lots of people, including me, love watching crime shows. Series like The First 48 are some of the most popular television shows out there. — Adam Honig

7. Are You Frightened or Ill Prepared for Success?

That’s the only reason why I could ever imagine keeping good, interesting content behind a myriad of web forms and making prospects unlock multiple gates to gain access. — Phil Stubbs

8. Move Over Robots: Volatility Highlights Advisor Value

Advisors have a tough. In an industry that touts price transparency, investors are drawn to cheaper alternatives like robo advisors and online trading. — Bryce Sanders

9. Getting People to Pay Attention to Your Marketing

Did you know that most marketing messages are NOT read by your prospects and clients? Don’t believe it? — Maribeth Kuzmenski

10. Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran on Why You Should Spend Money Before You Have It

Entrepreneur and Investor Barbara Corcoran explains why she believes spending money in a deliberate way even before you earn it is a smart business strategy, and shares the story of her first really big investment. — Bobbi Rebel

11. More Signs of Value’s Vindication

There is no denying that through the first three quarters of this year, the growth and momentum factors dominated value, extending a theme that was seen for essentially all of 2017. — Todd Shriber