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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: October 26-November 2

1. 2019: The Advisor – Client Relationship Will Become More Important Than Ever

Sometimes a seemingly harmless phrase becomes a popular maxim, especially when it suggests a universal truth. ‘Two heads are better than one’ fits that description. — Al Emid

2. Debt as Fat: Talking to Clients in Terms They Understand

The average American has about $ 38,000 in personal debt, not counting mortgages. You advise them, you scare them, you try to reason with them. If anything, the problem gets worse. — Bryce Sanders

3. Key Ingredients of Effective Investor Education

When investors make a decision to purchase a financial vehicle, they are setting aside hard-earned money in the hopes that they will achieve a positive outcome. — Alexandra Levis

4. Using Persuasive Communication to Build the Business You Want

Client acquisition is one of the most expensive parts of running a business. From the marketing to the sales calls to the seminar events, everything has a cost. So are there ways to make all of those steps more affective? — Matt Halloran

5. Succession Planning: Avoiding the 6 Most Common Mistakes

Succession planning has become a hot topic, driven by an aging advisor population and the anticipated wave of retirements coming in the next decade. — Wendy Leung

6. How to Be an Overnight Success

It takes a lot of patience to be an overnight success because, in reality, any true success takes a lot longer. — Paul Kingsman

7. Looking Beyond the 60/40 Portfolio

Warren Buffett has said that investors should be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy, but people don’t usually act that way. — Salvatore Bruno

8. Fact: Your Tech Stack Will Never Be Finished!

Tough pill to swallow isn’t it? The truth is, technology is evolving within every avenue of our daily lives. — Kristen Schmidt

9. 4 Reasons Why Failure Can Lead To Spectacular Success

I grew up with a strong dislike for the f-word. It wasn’t a word I was comfortable using, and I don’t think I’m the only one. After all, failure is not comfortable for any of us! — LaRae Quy

10. Proper Preparation For an EM Bond Rebound

What was expected for emerging markets bonds at the start of 2018 and this year’s realities for the asset class are two entirely different matters. — Todd Schriber

11. Skilled Traders Can Find Profits In Small Caps

The recent downside price rotation in the US Equities markets has been a blessing for skilled traders. The opportunities for profits are setting up all over the markets – you just have to look for them and understand price theory. — Chris Vermeulen