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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: October 8-12

1. Three Major Things to Watch in the Fourth Quarter

For the third consecutive summer selling in May and going away would have been folly. US equities melted up between July and September amid a strong economy and overcoming any concerns over trade. — Dr. Sonu Varghese

2. How to Leverage Your CFA® Designation to Grow Your AUM

With pressure from low cost TAMPS and roboadvisors, the investment management industry is under pressure. Is the field of investment management going to get squeezed down into an algorithm and a three person customer service team? — Sara Grillo

3. Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion Not the Same

Is a carefully executed plan to minimize income or estate taxes also a tax dodge, scheme, avoidance trick, or scam? It depends. — Rick Kahler

4. Higher Oil Prices Are an Increasing Headwind

Oil prices have increased since the lows in early 2016, and the upward trend has intensified since 2017. It is no oil crisis, and we are certainly nowhere near the peak of $145/barrel in June of 2008. Remember filling up your SUV back then? — SNW Asset Management

5. The Five Dreadful Cs of Mutual Funds

In this episode, Mark doesn’t spare mutual funds’ feelings as he dives into the traits that make them undesirable, otherwise known as the dreadful five Cs. — Mark Pearson

6. Bear Market to Arrive By Q1 According to Respected Institutional Analyst

On Friday October 5th, Bloomberg reported that Stifel Nicholas’ institutional equities strategist Barry Bannister predicted that the S&P 500 will enter a bear market in the first quarter of 2019. — Michael Markowski

7. What You Really Need to Be Sharing

I’m going to name brave leaders and I don’t want you to agree with me or try and fight me from some political position – that’s not the point of my post. — Sheryl Brown

8. Using Visual Writing Tools to Engage with Your Clients

Do you use or like the idea of using visual tools in your client engagement to help with communicating your advice? If so, I’d like to share a little of what I’ve learned from three years of using them and working with advisers who use them. — Stewart Bell

9. What Are the 3 Words That Describe Your Company? And Why That Matters

I want you to pull out a piece of paper and write down three words you would want your customers to say about you after they have done business with you. — Shep Hyken

10. Being Mindful of Costly Promises

All of us are human and we are, at least in some way, attracted to promises that appear to be “good deals.” — James E. Wilson

11. A Smart Way to Navigate Today’s Markets with Factor ETFs

ETF investors can look at various factor strategies to target specific market exposures and investment outcomes as a way to prepare for possible changes in market conditions ahead. — Max Chen