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Take time and escape outside for a walk. Once you’re out there think about your company. Think hard. What you started. Why you started. Where you’ve been. Remember the grind. Is this what you wanted to create? Are you there?

If so, how can you make it better? If not, what can and should change? This is where YOU come in.

Not through a software interface. Not sharing someone else’s ideas. But you – your thoughts and actions – delivering value when your clients need it most. If it’s your business, it’s on you. No one is coming.

Create a Better Version of Your Company

When was the last time you looked at your company’s Value Proposition? Go find it – we’ll wait.

Now, read it out loud. Does it still pithily summarize:

  • - Who you are?
  • - What you do?
  • - And most importantly: Why it matters?

Why do you matter to your clients? Why are you going to matter to your prospects?

If what you say — and live – as a business no longer seems relevant to you, why would it seem relevant to a client or prospect? It’s time to get to work.

Remember to use your words — not those that have been assigned to you. Throw those away. Using the words of others to talk about you is never organic ... or real. You don’t breathe them; you might not even believe them. When you use your own words, it’s easy to live by them. They’re already in the fabric of your company. You just haven’t spent the time to pull them out and put them together. Find those words and put the puzzle together.

One way to back into an update of your Value Proposition is to create a content bank of everything you are thinking about:

  • - How do you help people – your clients, your employees, your family?
  • - What is it that makes your business successful?
  • - What one thing does your firm do better than anybody else?
  • - How do you deliver value to your clients?
  • - Where is your firm putting your energy and focus?
  • - Where would you like to see clients putting their energy and focus?

You can also brainstorm these with your team and hire a local writer to expand thoughts into client communications and articles that can be used across your website and social media. You could even try your hand at recording and publishing your ideas in a podcast or webcast.

HERE’S THE CHALLENGE: Take out a pen and write down 12 things you believe in about what you’re doing. Get with a writer (either someone on your team, or a local freelancer) and go nuts expanding your ideas. This is the time to create a content bank. 12 articles authored by you is almost 6 months of content. Learn to atomize it for social media. Take it a step further and create a podcast series. We guarantee you you’ll love it.

Depend on no one else.
Powered by you.

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