Power in Versatility

Gentlemen, if you haven’t added a three piece suit to your wardrobe you are missing out!! By adding one little extra piece—a fitted, sleeveless, buttoned garment—you raise the bar in men’s fashion. A vest provides variety, variety not allowed when you wear only a suit jacket and pant. With a vest you have an extra layer to you keep you warm during the colder months, so no need for the ‘natural extra layer’ because your vest has your back (your stomach too). As the temperature heats up and you decide to shed your jacket, your vest will secure your dapper look, keeping you clean cut and polished. Worried about your shirt coming untucked? Have no fear, your vest will help shield that embarrassment along with hiding any shirt billowing one might run into if wearing an untailored shirt. Expand your casual attire by pairing your vest with a simple henley shirt, dark ink blue denim and suede oxfords. With a vest your options are limitless.

A few tips you should keep in mind. First, it’s all about the fit. Your vest should comfortably wrap around your upper body giving you handsome shape. The front length should touch your belt buckle and the back length should just cover your waistband. Second, your jacket should fit properly over your vest; avoid the droopy oversized look. Your jacket collar should lay nicely flat around the back and sides of the neck. Lastly, keep your shirt and tie combos muted, less is more when worn with this timeless piece.

When you step out in a three piece not only will you make a stylish statement, you will also feel a little more held together, almost as if the vest is hugging you saying ‘Together we will achieve greatness!’ So walk taller, exude confidence and embrace the versatile power you’ll command when you wear a three piece suit.