The Future of Work

There is no doubt we are living through history. We are seeing a sweeping paradigm change in what matters to us as a society, how we work, and how we communicate. We know we will eventually see an economic recovery. It’s important to get yourself ready for what comes next as it starts to take off.

What to do Now

Make sure you understand the recently passed $2 trillion stimulus package and how it applies to you. We like this summary on the stimulus package from the New York Times and this one on Paycheck Protection Program loans from The Advisory Group SF. The stimulus package includes stimulus payments to individuals, expands unemployment benefits, and changes some rules for retirement accounts and student loans. For example, part-time workers who have been put out of a job due to COVID-19 are now eligible for some unemployment benefits. If you qualify for any of the benefits outlined in the package, make sure you apply early. These funds are finite rather than infinite.

If you find yourself unemployed – and after you apply for the assistance for which you qualify – there are several resources to help you find your alternative to unemployment work. is always a good option for those seeking project-based work. You will be expected to bid your hours & rates on prospective projects, so be prepared. You may find more opportunities than ever with an incentive-based pay structure – you will need to walk your talk and deliver above expectations. has created a special section dedicated to coronavirus job resources, including coaching resources.

Plan for Later

The world will recover COVID-19. As economic performance rebounds, full-time jobs will become available again. Make sure you are ready for what the world will be, not what it is right now. Invest in yourself and spend some of your spare time picking up new skills, such as coding, Google analytics, social selling, project management, or even podcasting. There are all kinds of online learning resources available. Try picking a new skill and Googling how to learn how to do it. Or, go to work on a certification you need to advance or an online Master’s degree. Whatever you choose, make sure there there is a digital element to your coursework. The future is here.

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