Why a Yacht Charter Vacation.

So, why would you choose to charter a private yacht over signing on for a cruise ship vacation? There are so many reasons we simply have to give them numbers.

1. First and foremost is privacy. On a private yacht charter, the only people on board are those that have been invited. You will enjoy a more intimate voyage than one with hundreds on several decks, and you’ll be able to navigate the dining areas, pools, bars, and spa without the crowd, whenever you please.

2. Next is service. A dedicated crew awaits your command, on board to serve your every whim and ensure your complete and total enjoyment while cruising with them. It is your prerogative to decide your course, your ports of call, the number of days on the water, and which services you prefer, at what time, delivered with a style and level of attention set by you.

3. Then, there are schedules and queues. On a private yacht charter, while there is an itinerary, there are no schedules to match nor queues to endure. Whatever activity suits your desire, just mention it and the crew sees to the details. Want to go fishing, sailing, diving, or simply have your cold drinks and towels replaced as necessary while you lounge on the sun deck? Just say the word. In need of a massage, a facial, or other spa services? Many yachts have crew available to attend to these essential details.

4. Of course, the dining room is a consideration. Cuisine on board a private yacht charter is your decision, created especially for your discriminating palate. Private charter yachts have exceptional galleys with crew trained to skillfully prepare your favorite dishes at the hour of your choosing. As well, your table seats only those you’ve invited.

5. Finally, there’s attire. Clothing is dictated by your own preference, not by the hour or the room. If you feel like spending the entire day in swim trunks and sandals, so be it. If you’d prefer to dress for dinner, by all means, take it to the nines. Every smart traveler knows to pack for at least one special evening, going ashore for a particularly interesting meal or event, but again, the choice is yours, not one dictated by an agenda.

The most important reason to choose a private yacht charter rests with the yachts themselves. Stunning vessels, each with a personality and décor all its own, await your selection of dates, amenities, size, location, and price. Matching your lifestyle with the perfect details of an exquisitely outfitted yacht is a hallmark of The Best of Yachting Charters. I personally look forward to planning your next yachting experience on board the vessel of your dreams.