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25 Life Experiences that Require Strong Everyday Leadership


25 Life Experiences that Require Strong Everyday Leadership

It’s no secret that I moved from the East Coast USA to the Australian Outback. Even when people (i.e. friends and family) doubted my sanity, I stayed firm on my vision of the life I wanted to create.

This week I’m on vacation with a friend in Adelaide. Apparently, they do not hear an American accent often, and I was a novelty.

Where do you live?

Where did you move from?

I appreciated their kind words, but it’s not exactly amazing if you ask me. I knew what I wanted and when the opportunity was in front of me, I took it.

Are You a Leader?

When I tell people I’m a personal leadership coach, they often tell me that they’re not leaders. That’s when I mention “everyday leadership.” Every day we all have opportunities and moments when who we are is louder than the words that we use.

As a parent.
Team member.

Holding a door.
Being present.

Small acts that make a positive impact on another human being is what everyday leadership is all about.

There are also acts of courage.
And giving people space.
Or simply accepting instead of pushing to change someone else.

All of these choices, some big and some minuscule, are a part of creating your life.

Let Your Everyday Leadership Shine

Here are 25 life experiences that require confidence, courage, and strong everyday leadership. As you go through the list, consider the following:

When have you found the courage to let your personal leadership shine?
As you read through the list, ask yourself how many of these things you’ve been willing to tackle.

Who are you when you’re your best self?
Pick one experience you’ve completed and replay it in your mind. What did it feel like? What were your thoughts before you started, during and afterward?

Where are you holding back from something that you want?
Go through the list a second time looking at the things you’ve never done. Pick one thing that you want to accomplish from this list of life experiences and ask yourself what’s in your way.

What will you do?
Pick one, get it done.

Waiting isn’t optimal and in fact, it’s optional.

  1. Quit a good job
  2. Move Overseas
  3. Go back to school
  4. Ask someone out on a date
  5. Correct an error that’s in your favor – This one is all about your values. Undercharged? Do you say something or go and celebrate the extra dollars in your pocket.
  6. Say “I love you” first
  7. Start a business (or side hustle)
  8. Go to a conference – When you go, don’t be a wallflower and make connections with others who share your passions
  9. Go on an adventure – by yourself
  10. Send your book query to an agent
  11. Accept your siblings – As kids, you probably loved each other and five minutes later tried to rip each other’s heads off. As adults, all of those old feelings can come rushing back. Let those old feelings go, give them space, and accept that they’ve grown up.
  12. Parenting Teenagers (or should that be surviving teenagers?)
  13. Say sorry
  14. Ask for a raise or promotion
  15. Expand your circle – It’s easy to stay insulated. Instead, say hello, get to know strangers who will one day be friends, business connections, and neighbors.
  16. Live stream
  17. Public Speaking
  18. Change careers
  19. Stay married – With the divorce rate over 40%, staying together takes effort and commitment
  20. Writing a book – do you know how many people say that they want to write a book vs how many actually do?
  21. Say “I don’t know”
  22. Choose not to have long lost friends – KIT even when you feel like too much time has passed
  23. Speak up
  24. Say “NO” – It’s freeing – especially if you ’re a people pleaser who hates to let people down but also don’t want to do what you just agreed to do. Every no, frees you up for a yes that matters.
  25. Take time for yourself – With never-ending demands at work and home, you need to respond when your gut is telling you that you need to relax and recharge. It’s not selfish, it’s essential.

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What’s missing from this list? What life experience challenged your personal leadership and in turn, was an opportunity for your everyday leadership to shine?

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