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Are You Allowed to Say the U Word? I’m Unfulfilled.


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Unfulfilled.  Unhappy.  Unsure.  In a world where we’re all supposed to have postcard perfect lives, speaking many words that start with “U” have become the new “F” word.  Equally taboo in some circles, “U” and “F,” yet one is so much more vulnerable.  Maybe that’s why most people I know would rather shout f*ck from the rooftops than say “I’m unfulfilled, my life is not what I thought it would be, there has to be more than this.”

“U” words uncover the heart of you and the “F” word is like a magic cloak of self-protection that only shows anger, frustration or how freakin’ hip you are that you say it at least three times in every five sentences.  I admit, I’ve been known to swear like a sailor with the best of them but it comes down to this: Are you willing to be seen or is it simply more comfortable to keep on running on that hamster wheel?



Shhhh!  Someone might hear you!  What would happen then??

Feeling unfulfilled, unhappy or unsure about what’s next does not have to be a dirty little secret even if that’s the way it seems most of the time in a culture that favors politeness over authenticity, rawness and scary truths.  We’ve become experts at keeping the curtain closed between our reality and our relationships with very few people given the privilege of peeking around the corner to see what’s behind the smoke and mirrors.

“How are you?”

“How are you?”
“Well, I’ve been better.  I’m just not feeling as happy or satisfied as I’ve been in the past.”
“Um, I was just asking to be polite.”
“Oh, right. I’m good.”

When we feel stuck and alone with our truth, that’s when stress begins to skyrocket and the quality of our relationships deteriorates.  Essentially, we’ve moved as a society from human to human interaction to image to image or persona to persona.  Relationships at the heart are I  and YOU not “My Super Cool Title” and “Your Super Cool Title.”

Unfortunately, change doesn’t happen in the comfort zone.  You need to decide, will you be a leader that is wiling to break the frame of “I’m good” and show up as your whole self?  Will you be the first domino that gives others the courage and confidence to do the same?

Here’s what I can promise you:  When you speak your truth something remarkable happens – you transform and so do the “U” words that you carry with you. 

Uneasy becomes unafraid.
Unsuccessful becomes undeterred.
Unknown becomes unleashed.
Unrealized becomes unanticipated.
Uncomfortable becomes unchained.
Unsure becomes unlimited.
Unconventional becomes uniquely YOU.

Break the Frame Action: 

Find the courage to speak your truth even if it’s just to one other person this week.  Identify a coach or mentor that can help you look within to re-ignite and re-invent on your quest for a fulfilling life.

Will today the day that you speak your truth without shame and begin your personal change journey?

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