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Welcome to the Discomfort Zone: Will You Take the Plunge?


Welcome to the Discomfort Zone Will You Take the Plunge

What does it take for you to get over your self-consciousness and let go?

Do you stay in your shell or are you willing to poke out your head if the price is right? Maybe you’re a natural extrovert, and it takes a lot for you to feel self-conscious. No matter what, we all have (comfort zone) lines in the sand, and it’s important to know yours.

Crossing your line is a good thing when you’re pulled forward by something that matters and not because you’re pushed. 

This week my family and I are on vacation at the beach. I’m doing my best to breathe in the serenity of the sea daily so I can carry it with me in the coming months. There are few places on earth that make me feel as peaceful as the beautiful beaches in Western Australia. It’s worth the three-plus hour flight and the three-hour drive to the beach house, aka heaven.

Usually, when we arrive, I’m still a stressed out small business owner and parent to two tweens who are slightly less patient than I should be. I admit it. (and don’t ask my kids or husband to define slightly) Midway through the holiday, I nap more, read more, dig my feet in the sand more and finally unwind. The fact that we visit our share of cellar doors also helps.

Welcome to the Discomfort Zone

When we landed in Perth, like most people who get off of a long flight, we made the trek to the toilets. Waiting outside of the restroom for the boys, my daughter and I were hanging out, and I gave her a dare: I want to see you dance, full out, for 60 seconds.

She thought I was nuts.

I encouraged her, told her nobody was watching (although they would be in a minute or two).

She’s an introvert and despite the fact that she loves dancing, that does not include dancing, without music, in front of strangers at the airport.

I dared her again.

She moved her shoulder to a beat that only she could hear and giggled.

I dared her again.


What if…

She is in the midst of a giving project. For 30 days, instead of allowance for chores, she gets $5 for every chore she does without being asked (or assigned), $5 for every hour of reading and $5 for an hour of math practice. At the end of 30 days, she’s going to pick a classroom through Donors Choose and donate her earnings. Her goal is a minimum of $200.

What if…

“If you do it full out for 60 seconds, I’ll give you $5 towards your project,” I offered.

Without hesitation, she was grooving, smiling, and earning.

When her brother and father walked out of the restroom, she kept dancing. They looked at her a little funny, but she wasn’t about to let looking silly get in her way. Done.

My self-conscious soon-to-be teen stopped dancing, but our smiles continued.

When Will You Step Over the Edge of Your Discomfort Zone Into the Unknown?

Over the years, I’ve coached small business owners and large business leaders stuck in their own heads. They worried about people’s judgements, as they watched them stretch and potentially fail. They feared how other people would scrutinize them, so they held back. Sound familiar?

Life is too short to hold back. When you give less than your all, you get less too.

What if…

Instead of pushing yourself to make a leap that’s too great, you set a smaller increment where you feel the stretch. Do it and you’ll discover that your next step is closer than you think. What’s your $5?

How far are you willing to go into your discomfort zone for something that matters? What will it take for you to make the leap?

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