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What Happens When You Expect the Best


What Happens When You Expect the Best

Our family likes The Voice; I admit it. We like to guess who will get a chair to turn and who will receive feedback and encouragement to come back another year to try again.

If you’re not familiar with The Voice, it’s a reality show where amazingly talented people sing for four judges. The catch is that the judges can’t see them, they can only hear them. If they want someone on their team, they press a button, their chair turns, and one of the judges who turned their chair becomes their mentor moving forward in the competition. No chair turned; you’re off the show.

Last week’s episode had two people who had auditioned in the past:

  • A woman who auditioned seven times and never made it to the blind audition in front of the judges.
  • A man who made it through all the qualifying rounds and auditioned last year in front of the judges yet didn’t get a chair to turn.

I was mindlessly watching the episode when my daughter spoke up.

“That woman kept practicing and auditioning – seven times. The guy tried last year and didn’t get it. She kept trying, had a great attitude and got picked. Why was he complaining so much? Seven vs. two. What a terrible attitude. You can’t do something now while worrying about what happened in the past. This is a new time.”

It seems my daughter listens to me more than I realize. Besides, she has always intuitively had leadership wisdom worth sharing.

Every day, every time you try again, it’s new, fresh – expect the best.

His going in position was “I hope that this won’t be the same as last time.” Her going in position was “I get another chance to show them what I know I can do.”

This guy was freaking himself out that he didn’t make it before, instead of enjoying all that this time would bring. He’s talented and made it through, but I wonder if he’ll get far always lugging that heavy suitcase filled with his past failure along with him.

I’m reminded of the movie Singles which I watched a lot when I graduated college. One of the women in the movie decides to find love through a dating service called “Expect the Best.”

When you expect the best, you give each opportunity a chance to unfold to its full potential.

What would change if you dropped your baggage and chose to expect the best? Not only would your energy transform, but I’m willing to bet your performance too. It sucks when you’re unable to believe that YOU CAN because you couldn’t in the past.

The key?… Remember that the past is your past – good or bad it doesn’t define you, it’s only a part of your story that’s still unfolding.

Bottom line: Now is a new time and it’s yours to rock n’ roll. 

Are you willing to put down your crap, stop sabotaging yourself, and create your future by intentionally stepping into the gateway of this moment?

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