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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


1. The Longest Bull Market In History Is Over

For ten long years, the world’s central banks have dragged everyone along for one last attempt at scaling Mount Credit. — Adam Taggart

2. A Rocky Start and Why You Should Ignore the Early “Experts”

Well, the new year hasn’t started off so well for investors as they were met with a pretty rude “how do you do” and were greeted with a 300-point drop in the Dow. — Joseph G. Witthohn

3. 5 Forces that Will Shape Financial Planning in 2019

The one important observation is this: you need to be planning for this ten years before you intend to sell or exit. — Brett Davidson

4. Flight or Fight the Market by Sticking to Your Guns?

The emotional core of our brain, the Amygdala, has the primary role of triggering fear responses. Information that passes through the Amygdala is tagged with emotional significance. — Saumen Chattopadhyay

5. The Top 10 Predictions for Financial Advice in 2019

2018 brought significant fluctuations in the market. Despite those challenges, wealth management remained one of the strongest sectors of financial services. — Marilyn Dale

6. How to Navigate Market Uncertainty

Since 2009, we’ve had a good run with the stock market. But chances are, this strong streak won’t last much longer. — Esther Szabo

7. Why the Next 15 Months Are So Critical for S&P 500 Index Fans

The 20th anniversary of the Dot-Com Bubble could get really interesting, and uncomfortable. — Rob Isbitts

8. The Investing Answers You Won’t See in the Financial Media

We have entered that time of year where the financial media goes into overdrive, dispensing more misinformation than usual. — Dan Solin

9. Why Traditional Financial Advice Isn’t Working

Have you ever wondered why so many investors are glued to the financial news channels and websites in a desperate search for information that might help them put their financial house in order? — James E. Wilson

10. The Secret to Getting High Net Worth Prospects to Chase You

Tired chasing after prospects? Wondering what to say and write to attract high net worth clients? Do you struggle with your marketing messages? — Stan Mann

11. Prospecting: The Devil and the Angel on Your Shoulder

Every financial professional needs a strategy to bring in new business. Although there are many ways to do it, prospecting is usually everyone’s least liked activity. — Bryce Sanders
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