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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


1. Advisors: How to Make Sure Your Clients Call You First

“Our clients did business elsewhere and didn’t call us to do it – Why?” How often do we hear this from advisers? — Tony Vidler

2. One Big Reason Why The Stock Market Keeps Going Up

Today’s big question for investors is, “what’s in a NAAIM?”  NAAIM is the National Association of Active Investment Managers, and for decades they have published a weekly survey of their members. — Rob Isbitts

3. Active vs Passive: A Sudden Shift in Investors’ Preferences?

The dominance of passive funds over active funds is finally beginning to crack. — Dan Sondhelm

4. The 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Stock

If you’re new to the world of investing, you may experience a range of emotions when considering your next stock pick. — Anna Johansson

5. Warren Buffett Bought Only One REIT and It’s Exploding

Amazon sells stuff online for cheap. Usually cheaper than what you’ll pay in a store. This has given the company a critical edge over brick-and-mortar retailers. — Stephen McBride

6. SMAs vs. Mutual Funds vs. ETFs

There are so many investment opportunities available that it can be hard to know which ones to take. — Mark Pearson

7. Want Assets? Get Genuinely Be Excited About Where Your Clients Are Going

When you’re talking with people about retirement, just don’t immediately think, “IRA and 401(k) coming on to bring in assets” to your business. — Paul Kingsman

8. 10 Industries That Will Be Revolutionized by Blockchain

Blockchain, a technology that was generally unheard of previously, is one of the top emerging technologies revolutionizing today’s business models. — Heidi Metz

9. Are Stocks at the Mercy of Trump’s Tweets?

2 Years of Trump Tweets: How Much Power Do Presidential Tweets Actually Have on Markets? — Marc Bautis

10. Artificial Intelligence Will Add $15 Trillion to the World Economy by 2030

It’s important for readers to realize that AI is no longer the stuff of science fiction. The technology is already disrupting multiple industries, many of which impact you on a daily basis. — Frank Holmes

11. The Future of Voice Recognition

Nowadays we can’t imagine a world without Amazon Alexa assistants or Siri on iPhones. That gradually changing shift in technology has started to shape consumer behaviour, as well as the core strategies of the world’s technological giants. — Paul Matthews

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