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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


1. Returns Can Be Had, Pursuing Them Involves a Historically-High Degree of Risk

Investment markets can be confusing. To try to cut through the chatter and investment slang, we present this monthly view to you. — Rob Isbitts

2. The Prospects of an Impending Global Recession

The temperature of the global economic data porridge was cold enough to nudge the stock market pendulum towards risk-off, as the ECB and China both reduced growth forecasts while the U.S. jobs report was downright frigid. — Eric Kuby

3. Are You as Future Ready as You Think? 

Being future ready sounds like superheroes, but in fact, each of us can become one when we try. Enjoy the laugh, but then please take serious note. — Elinor Stutz

4. Everything You Need to Know About PortfolioCenter Discounts for RIA Firms

It’s been two weeks since Envestnet announced it was acquiring PortfolioCenter. — Johnny Sandquist

5. The Definition of a Woman Leader Is Not What You Think

I used to think that the definition of a woman leader was some feisty, go gettem’ power suited senior executive. She had to be someone who had done something ‘noteworthy’. — Suzi McAlpine

6. How to Become a Millionaire

Many entrepreneurs and hard-working career professionals have big money goals for themselves. The idea of becoming a millionaire is appealing – but the steps you need to take to get there can be less than clear. — Mary Beth Storjohann

7.  With Endless Opportunities Abound, Don’t Get FOMO’d

I remember that back in my early twenties I never missed a weekend of socializing with friends. It was a well-established routine. I would work all week, hang out all weekend – and I mean every weekend. — Jared Coffin

8. Warren Buffett Bought Only One REIT and It’s Exploding

There’s a third type of retailer that Amazon can never disrupt. It’s what I call an undisruptable business. And one innovative company has figured out how to tap into these Amazon-proof businesses. — Stephen McBride

9. The Top 9 Investment Trends for 2019

Vince and Rob spell out their top-nine investing trends, all beginning with the letter T, that they recommend keeping in mind for 2019. — Sungarden Investment Research

10. Why Investors Are Harmed by a Lack of Advisor Marketing

There are many reasons why less than half of Americans have a financial advisor … — Nicholas Stuller

11. When Advisors Should Say: “Sorry, We Can’t Help”

Unfortunately, we sometimes have conversations with prospective clients that we can’t help. If someone just wants to maximize investment returns, we can’t help. — James E. Wilson

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