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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


Top 11 of the Week

1. Recession Watchers May Be Looking in the Wrong Place

The Bond Market Forecasts Trouble, But Not Where Many Think — Rob Isbitts

2. 5 Words That Will Cost You Millions

Our internal dialogue, or self-talk, has a lot of impact and influence on our behaviors. As an advisor, the challenge here is that we are really not aware of this. — Joe Lukacs

3. The Dumbest Thing You Can Do with Your Money in 2019

When was the last time you took a cab? I mean a real yellow taxicab, with a light on the roof and a fare meter running. I don’t even own a car, and I haven’t climbed into a cab in years. — Stephen McBride

4. What’s Behind the REIT Rebound?

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are off to a strong start in 2019, with the Morningstar U.S. REIT Index up more than 14% year-to-date through April 17, 2019. — Sal Bruno

5. Corporate Scandals and Economic Lubricants

The yield curve isn’t the only sign recession is coming. Rising corporate hubris says the same thing. — Patrick Watson

6. Is Inflation Ready to Take Off?

Unfortunately, the markets are no closer to answering this question after last week’s inconclusive data. — SNW Asset Management

7. Universal Basic Income Would Be a Social and Economic Disaster

I am never going to retire. Oh sure, I say that now, but what about when I am 80? No. I will never stop working. — Jared Dillian

8. These 5 FinTech Stocks Are Compelling Opportunities

From the way that we read to the way that we order goods, drive, or even invest, technology has led to an evolution in the way that we do just about everything. — Joshua Rodriquez

9. 5 Key Ways Advisors Can Deliver Value in 2019

It’s hard to avoid the growing regulatory attention on advisory fees and natural consumer skepticism about delivered value. — Brad Jung

10. Investors Should Be Attentive When Others Are Complacent

The much-repeated adage on Wall Street is to be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful. — Eric Kuby

11. Why You Need to Start Each Day with a Written Plan

Today, every advisor has a spectacular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program on our desktop.  It tells us who to call.  It keeps track of our notes. — Bryce Sanders

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