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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. Market Crash Warning: The Trap Door Has Opened

I love reading about all the good news in the market. This past week, we saw U.S. jobless claims dip to 211,000, and they are now near half-century lows. — Avi Gilburt

2. Reward the Right Behavior or It Will Kill Your Practice

We tend to get the behaviour which we reward repeatedly.  Kindergarten teachers know it, so why don’t the leaders of professional services firms know it and use it? — Tony Vidler

3. How Is China’s Economy Doing?

China has been a major contributor to global growth, and its economic activity tends to have significant repercussions for the global economy. — Jan van Eck

4. How Local Search Is Transforming How Advisors Are Found Online

Local search is changing the online landscape and has made it easier for advisors to get in front of their customers. — Vincent Kwan

5. When Will the FinTech Bubble Burst?

Reading about FinTech unicorns and pizzas worth $80 million, you would think that the world was bubbling over with wealth. — Chris Skinner

6. Seeing Through the Smoke of the Trade War

The impact of Federal Reserve Chairman Powell’s sweet whispers to the market that the 2018 rate hikes are on hold for 2019 is wearing off as politics and trade tensions dominate market movement. — Lenore Elle Hawkins

7. Why Are Oil Prices Rising and Should Investors Be Worried?

Brent crude oil prices have risen by 34% in 2019, and U.S. orientated WTI oil price have also rallied significantly, up 39% year-to-date. — Alex Dryden

8. The Number One Challenge with Client Acquisition, and How to Solve It

I get it. I was a financial advisor for over 20 years, so I get the problem with ideal client acquisition. — Grant Hicks

9. There ARE Regional Differences in Investors

The people who travel from airport to airport or drive the nation but stay on the Interstate are likely to think the entire country is just one big place, with no differences from one region to the next. — Catherine McBreen

10. Solving the Troublesome Question of CRMs

Why do CRMs pose such a problem? Why can’t most advice businesses seem to be able to get CRMs to do what they want them to do? — Stewart Bell

11. This $1.1 Trillion Industry Will End Up Like Retail; Which Is a Huge Investment Opportunity

Banks have grown very, very rich in the last 30 years—thanks to their privileged monopoly position. — Stephen McBride

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