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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


Most Read of the Week

1.  Is Value Investing Dead?

There are two answers to that question. My first answer is within the bounds of your “growth” and “value” constructs, wherein you take a valuation metric, let’s say price-to-earnings … — Vitaliy Katsenelson

2. How Often You Should Engage With Clients

Having bought into the need to engage with prospects and clients until they are ready to move ahead the next burning question from advisers centres upon what level of contact with customers is the “right amount”. — Tony Vidler

3. Why Short Term Trading Is Not Investing

In your hunt for new clients, you find many people who are hooked on short term trading.  They can do it through their Smartphones.  They can trade virtually for free.  It’s fun. — Bryce Sanders

4. Changing Forward Means Silencing Your Inner Gremlins

While change can be difficult and challenging, there’s often a bigger reason why we want to avoid it. — Paul Kingsman

5. Junk in the Trunk: The Story of Today’s Bond Market

Stock Market Gets The Glory, But Bonds Are a Brewing Mess Bond investing is more than meets the eye. Like a car that looks nice on the outside and the interior is pretty comfy. — Rob Isbitts

6. Why Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks Aren’t as Safe as You Think

A man pulled a gun on me last week. I was in the Ipanema neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. Ipanema is one of the wealthiest areas of Rio. You get iconic views of the Brazilian shore line and white sand beaches. — Robert Ross

7.  Setting the Standard of Care for Medical Cannabis

Nick shares his journey to building his company during a time where there is little acceptance of cannabis as an alternative medication. Columbia Care is a patient-centered health care company that is setting the standard of care for medical cannabis. — Permission to Succeed

8. 10 Tips For Recruiting Financial Advisors

Recruiting for financial advisors to join your firm may be more difficult now than it has ever been. — Brian Luper

9. Betting on Central Banks as It Gets Plain Ugly

Central Bank Prayer. The market is hoping, praying and pricing for a Federal Reserve rate cut ostensibly driven by the now dual trade wars, which means the actions of the president are driving both monetary and fiscal policy – surely this will not end well. — Lenore Elle Hawkins

10. The Hidden Problem Looming Over the Cannabis Edibles Market

The boom in legal cannabis has been absolutely historic.According to ArcView Research, it’s already a multi-billion dollar industry – and by 2022, the legal market could be worth $32 billion globally. — Visual Capitalist

11. Should You Be Concerned About Correlations?

Correlation – how different asset classes behave relative to one another – is an important concept in portfolio construction and at the heart of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) as developed in the 1950s by Harry Markowitz. — Salvatore Bruno

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