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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1.  The Bad News About Record-Low Unemployment

Unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 50 years. That means most people who want to work can find a job. It also means people are making more money and buying more stuff. — Robert Ross

2. Facebook Libra: Weighing The Pros And Cons

By now you’ve probably heard of Facebook’s latest take-over-the-world proposal: Libra. And perhaps your clients, family and friends are asking you about it already. What is it? — Agustin Lebron

3. The Bulls In Control, but Don’t Get Complacent

The third week of June went according to the game plan as the market’s price action just followed the white line projections as we demonstrated in real-time. — Ricky Wen

4. Wealthy Investors Remain Optimistic

Despite the DJIA losing more than 2,400 points from Jan. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2018 there was never a severe loss in confidence in the stock market as an investment tool. — Catherine McBreen

5. Why 60/40 Portfolios Are In A Slump

One of the most dominant investment approaches of our time is a well-crafted marketing pitch used by many on Wall Street.  — Rob Isbitts

6. Why Advisors Should Use Multiple Marketing Channels

Where do clients come from?  It’s tempting to think the stork brings them.  Actually, those are account reassignments within the office when one of your colleagues leaves. — Bryce Sanders

7. Advisors: Blogging is No Longer a Luxury but a Necessity

As if running a successful advisory practice isn’t stressful enough, financial advisors these days need to ensure that they have a killer website, as well. — Nicole Skalamera

8. Trump’s Trade War Is Paralyzing Business

Last week the Business Roundtable, an organization of large company leaders, released its quarterly CEO Economic Outlook Index. — Patrick Watson

9. 7 Things Many Advisors Don’t Do and Fail as a Result

Much of the failure in this industry comes down to non-observance of the basics. Too many advisors fail not only to develop their soft skills but lack the necessary business acumen to remain viable. — Don Connelly

10. Does Our Industry Need Technology Therapists?

Our industry is one of the quietest.  We talk about people and at people, but we are slow to share, network and teach – in fear of losing the competitive edge. — Kristen Schmidt

11. Small Caps May Lead A Market Rally

We believe a unique Pennant/Flag formation is setting up in the US stock markets. We believe the small cap sector may provide a better technical reference to the price breakout we are expecting in late August or early September than the mid or large-cap sectors. — Chris Vermeulen

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