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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read July 2019

1. Yes, the Personal Finance Industry Is a Scam

I’m bouncing off of Kashana Cauley’s mini-rant in GQ about Suze Orman and the personal finance “industry” in general. — Jared Dillion

2. How to Be a Great Financial Advisor

Working as a financial advisor is one of the highest ranked business careers according to a recent U.S. News & World report … — Don Connelly

3. What Do People Say About You Behind Your Back?

Truth is stranger than fiction.  Put yourself into this situation.  What would people say about you? — Bryce Sanders

4. Why Investors Change Advisors

There are many reasons why investors move their accounts from one advisor or provider to another. — Catherine McBreen

5. Should You Strike “Fiduciary” from Your Vocabulary?

The word “fiduciary” makes my skin scrawl. Not because I think there is something wrong with holding advisOrs, advisErs, planners and RIAs to a “fiduciary standard.” — Rob Brown

6. Playing the Bull Market Till the Music Stops

The main takeaway is that the Wednesday feedback loop/double bottom confirmed itself, providing another round of acceleration on this bull train. — Ricky Wen

7. Podcasting Stats Every Advisor Should Know

Podcasting is an engaging medium and the recent advancements in podcast analytics are confirming what many have thought … — Kirk Lowe

8. Excessive Leverage in Options-Based Strategies

It is not the options themselves that are risky; it is how they are used that matters. — Marc Odo

9. Freight Slowdown Is a Terrible Sign for the Economy

Just as an army moves on its stomach, an economy moves on ships, trucks, and planes. They carry the goods whose purchase adds up to growth. — Patrick Watson

10. Your Client Is Flawed but So Are You

What we want is for customers to have a positive starting anchor point, so they can register positive elements of their experience which confirm their initial perceptions. — Joseph Michelli

11. Advisory Teams: Hunters or Farmers?

More and more advisory firms are delineating roles and responsibilities among their staff and even hiring outside professionals to focus on one specific function. — Nicholas Stuller

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