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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. Could Trump Really Win the 2020 Election?

I hate politics. I hate that it’s inescapable. What I don’t hate is the investment opportunities the 2020 election will present us. — Harry Dent

2. How Do You Know Your Financial Advice Is Suitable?

Knowing that your financial advice is suitable for a client is something that every professional adviser is willing to attest to, but proving it when challenged can be incredibly difficult. — Tony Vidler

3. Are the U.S. and China Capable of Saying Sorry?

The close of second quarter 2019 marked the 10-year anniversary of the end of the Great Recession. This officially makes this economic cycle the longest continuous expansion in U.S. history … — Brent Schutte

4. Will the Rumored Merrill Retention Package Materialize?

And will it be the “free lunch” advisors are hoping for? Advisors are anxiously awaiting a reason to stay, but it may not be the panacea they’ve got their hearts set on. — Mindy Diamond

5. 5 Reasons Why Clients Might Not Want to Refer You

The best way to gather new clients is via referral, especially since many wealthier investors find their financial advisors this way. — Don Connelly

6. “Follow the Money” Is Always a Good Investing Strategy

One would think that with all of the cyber scams, data hacks and “fake news” pervading social media, and even the internet as a whole, we would see most of the internet darlings taking it on the chin. — Chris Broussard

7. Geothermal: The Under-Appreciated Investment Opportunity in Alternative Energy

These are halcyon days for clean energy adoption and the related investments. In fact, several of the best-performing, non-leveraged exchange traded funds in the U.S. this year are alternative energy funds and with good reason. — Tai-Chin Tung

8. The Future of Education

Overall I think that people are too focused on the purely educational dimension of transformational assets and overlook many other dimensions. — Nicolas Colin

9. Lab Grown Diamonds: Where Business and Science Meet

With millions of people coming online and joining the global economy, the Diamond industry is a one primed to grow alongside the population. — Lewis Robinson

10. The Regulator’s View of Facebook’s Libra Currency

If people can freely move money around the network without border authorities being able to oversee what’s happening, that’s an issue. — Chris Skinner

11. Who Are Millennial Investors?

Life has moved on. Millennials are no longer the youngest adult generation. — Catherine McBreen

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