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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


The Top 11

1. Gen X: An Untapped Goldmine For Financial Advisors

When it comes to targeting specific age demographics, the financial services industry seemingly focuses on two groups: baby boomers and millennials. — Tai-Chin Tung

2. Financial Advisor Productivity Tips From Bill Gates

Between serving clients, growing your business and your private life, it’s easy to have more tasks in your head than you feel you could ever handle. — James Pollard

3. Is There Enough Risk in Your Fixed Income Portfolio?

Equities have had a strong run so far this year, but with interest rates having fallen so dramatically in the last month or so, how should investors be positioning their fixed income portfolios? — Jan VanEck

4. Connecting Is Making Us Lonelier Than Ever

This can be a lonely business. Be careful you don’t unwittingly add to your isolation. — Paul Kingsman

5. Where Millennials Find Advisors

Social media and sarcastic observers like to play with the concept that Millennials are impossible to communicate or reach because they are not like older, more stable people. — Catherine McBreen

6. How To Get Buy-In From Clients To Full Advice

Clients often want advisers to deal with just one element of financial planning…their current “burning issue” that triggered the need for advice to begin with. — Tony Vidler

7. Showing Up With Integrity Matters

How we regularly act, treat others, respect ourselves, and show up in general sets the foundation of who we are and signals to others whether or not we can be counted on and trusted. — Susan Danzig

8. The Big Fat IDEAL Client Lie …

For most financial planners and RIAs, this is the single greatest point of failure when it comes to marketing and prospecting. — Robert Brown

9. Expect More Volatility Ahead with Every Tweet and News Report

As one of our favorite strategists said, “Investors continue to be beholden to the actions of three people – Powell, Trump, and Xi. Chair Powell is unelected, President Trump is unpredictable, and President Xi is largely unaccountable.” — Lori Zager

10. How to Give Your Prospects a Clue About Who You Really Are

There is a major issue in financial services, and it very well may be holding you back from getting the new clients you desire. I wonder if you have recognized it also. — Maribeth Kuzmenski

11. Can Financial Advisors Have Google Reviews?

If you want to rank on the first page of Google when someone does a search for financial planner or financial planning firm or financial advisor or investment advisor or any of those terms in your local area, there’s really one thing that you need to embrace … — Samantha Russell

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