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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. Investors Are Just Not That into the Stock Market

When economies and markets are near a turning point, often the headlines tell a very different story than is revealed by digging deeper into the data – you can’t judge a book by its cover. — Lenore Elle Hawkins

2. Why the Next 6 Weeks Will Determine Your Success

The reality is if you want to have a dynamite September, October, November, December you need to create momentum today. — Joseph Lukacs

3. The Deeper Side of ‘Investing in What You Know’

There’s Validity in Peter Lynch’s ‘Investing in What You Know,’ But Understand it on a Deeper Level — Tai-Ching Tung

4. What Investors Want Within a Financial Plan

It does not take a particular type of financial advisor to provide a financial plan to investors. — Catherine McBreen

5. Are We in Recession Yet?

I see some leading indicators weakening. I see smart people like Dave Rosenberg argue we may already be in recession today. — John Mauldin

6. S&P 500 Or Dow: Which Is Better?

They are different, and those differences matter, especially at key market inflection points. We could be nearing one, so it pays to take a closer look. — Rob Isbitts

7. Investing in The Operating Room Where Tech And Healthcare Meet

A new generation of sophisticated, high-tech gadgets, machines and even robots are among the reasons surgery costs are soaring. — Todd Schriber

8. What Happens to Your Art Collection?

For many collectors, their interest in acquiring art is a passion. People spend their entire lifetime building their collection, and it can make up a substantial part of their net worth. — Amanda Dunn

9. 14 Rules of Advisor Marketing Success

Get ready to take notes and discover how to set yourself apart from other advisors, what no one has ever told you about building a niche, and why being on social media is well worth your time. — Kirk Lowe

10. How to Ask for the Order

“C’mon, are you going to buy or not?  Give me an answer!  I haven’t got all day!”  You might be tempted, but you would never say that to a prospect. — Bryce Sanders

11. Creativity Matters More Than Intelligence for Advisors

Do you ever wonder what makes the best financial planners the best? — Brett Davidson

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