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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1.  Trade Tensions Are Back: Here’s How to Deal with It

Fortunately, there are ways for advisors and investors to mitigate trade risk while remaining engaged with equities. — Tai-Chin Tung

2. Walmart Is Coming for Amazon

Walmart is quickly growing its online presence by scooping up smaller online retailers like, which sells everything from laptops to sunscreen—often at a healthy discount. — John Mauldin

3. Failure is Part of Success with Jennifer Connelly

Learning from failure will take you to new heights: Embrace it and grow from it. — Permission to Succeed

4. Not All Women Need a Lesson in Financial Literacy

Women are more likely than men to veer toward lower risk. They are informed, multi-dimensional thinkers who focus more on long-term goals and embrace a more holistic investment outlook. — Julie Goodman

5. 4 Stocks Breaking Out on Earnings

Here are four stocks in technology and solar energy that have broken out on earnings. — Harry Boxer

6. This Cannabis REIT is Using Deregulation to Crush the Market

A recent report from Leafly shed light on how cannabis affects the real estate market in an area with a dispensary. — Stephen L Kanaval

7. The 5-Step Prospect Escalation Process

A 5-step tip on moving more quickly from first appointment through to delivering advice and your business getting paid. — Stewart Bell

8. Best Practices for Acquiring a New Book of Business

For financial advisors, one of the quickest ways to grow your practice is to acquire an existing book of business from another advisor who is usually exiting the business. — Susan Danzig

9. Is This A Cure For Stock Market FOMO?

Ask most casual observers about the stock market, and you will probably hear two types of responses. Some will say it has been a great run the past many years … — Rob Isbitts

10. What Prospective Clients Are Really Looking For

There is an old expression in sales that to win clients they need to know, like, and trust you. But that old saw leaves out something critical. — Stephen Wershing

11. How to Determine if it’s Time to Stay or Go

A 2-part exercise for advisors that helps to identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be. — Mindy Diamond

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