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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!



1. A Magic 8-Ball Market

Investors face challenging times as the major market movers have simply been words (tweets) coming from politicians and bureaucrats, the prediction of which is akin to assessing the next missive from a Magic 8-Ball. — Lenore Elle Hawkins

2. How to Modernize Your Approach to Risk

Have you ever wondered what the potential benefits might be to having an options overlay strategy in your clients’ portfolio? — Permission to Succeed

3. Trump’s Trade War Is Over and Nobody Won

“You break it, you own it.”Then-Secretary of State Colin Powell cited this Pottery Barn rule back in 2002. He was advising President George W. Bush of the consequences should an Iraq invasion go badly. — Patrick Watson

4. Why This Time May Be Psychologically Worse For Investors

We are down about 5% from ALL TIME highs. And investors are beginning to get very concerned. Why? It’s because of the media and human preference for instant outcomes and instant gratification. — Jay Mooreland

5. Wealth Management: Old Lingo Enters a New Age

While the financial services industry is evolving warp speed, the basic idea of wealth management isn’t. Today, it’s essentially the same as it’s always been: private client-type segmentation with some other services beyond investment management sprinkled in.  — Tai-Chin Tung

6. Have Trade War Tweets, Soundbites and Other Headlines Become Leading Market Indicators?

Economic releases, earnings results, fundamental and technical analysis, anything and everything else has taken a back seat in the near-term and various short-term periods to the twists and turns of the trade war tweets, soundbites and other headlines. — Eric Kuby

7. These Niche Gold Stocks Are the Best Way to Invest in Gold Now

For your sake, I hope you already have some gold in your portfolio.
Gold is on an amazing run. It’s up over 21% since last August. — Robert Ross

8. Savvy Investors Will Use the U.S.-China Trade War to Build Wealth

China and the U.S. are playing a dangerous game of brinkmanship which will dent global growth, but there will be important opportunities for long-term investors. — George Prior

9. Are You Offering Services in the Seven Key Areas of Planning?

Imagine walking into a restaurant, and after getting seated, the host rips the menu in half and says “enjoy your meal”. Do you want the whole menu or just half of it? Your ideal clients, which are your best clients want the whole menu. — Grant Hicks

10. Age Does Not Limit Options for an Advisor’s Business Life

“I’m too old to move, let alone go independent!” As advisors age, many assume that the options for their business life are dwindling…Yet that couldn’t be further from the truth. — Mindy Diamond

11. Gold Stocks vs. Bullion in a Gold Bull Market

Gold stocks, on average, have historically outperformed gold during gold bull market cycles in the past—including through both cyclical and secular periods. This typically occurs because of their optionality to gold through earnings and resource leverage. — Joe Foster

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