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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. A Trump Impeachment Would Cause The Market To Rally

As the media highlights the potential impeachment process in the coming weeks, many are so concerned that this will be the “cause” of the market drop we are expecting. Yet, history suggests otherwise. — Avi Gilburt

2. How Does the Market Seemingly Continue to Ignore the News?

If you crawled under a rock on Sunday night and emerged on Friday afternoon and checked in on the markets, you would come to the conclusion that not much had happened. — Eric Kuby

3. How to Be Nimble in the Age of New FinTech with Hussain Zaidi

Doug Heikkinen and guest Hussain Zaidi, co-founder and CEO of Advizr, discuss how technology is changing the fiduciary environment. — Permission to Succeed

4. How to Say Goodbye to Not-Fit Clients

What do we mean when we talk about advisors intentionally off boarding not-fit clients? — Jennifer Goldman

5. What Investors Are Most Worried About

There is so much for investors to worry about these days as it relates to their investable assets. — Catherine McBreen

6. The Stock Markets Have Been in a Proverbial Pot of Hot Water, Does Anyone Care?

Wake me up when September ends…wake up! As it the band Green Day were a investment timing service, as October began, the financial market heat lifted again. And it appears we are reaching a boiling point. — Rob Isbitts

7. The IPO Market Is Nowhere Near a Bubble

Who remembers It launched one of the world’s first online pet stores. It never did sell many dog collars or cat treats. But its witty branding made it a cultural phenomenon in America. — Justin Spittler

8. Low-Budget Marketing Ideas to Skyrocket Your Advisor Business

The 🔑 to growing your advisor business is a strong marketing strategy with the ability to connect to your  audience. — Samantha Russell

9. This Is the Best Time to Load Up on These 3 Value Stocks

Have you checked the returns on your dividend-paying stocks lately? If so, you should like what you see. — Robert Ross

10. Advisors Can Use PR to Calm Baby Boomer Volatility Fears

If there’s one thing investors all hate it’s uncertainty. Unfortunately, uncertainty is about the only thing the markets can guarantee. And while the stock markets continue to perform well overall, there have been enough days with huge losses to frighten even the most even tempered of investors. — Bob Keane

11. 4+1 Answers to “What You Do?”

Advisors and agents put lots of effort into getting themselves into the right social situations with the right people. — Bryce Sanders

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