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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. Five Answers to “What’s Your Minimum?”

Ever notice how “High Net Worth” and “Wealthy” sounds like “More money than you’ve got?”  We use these expressions often.  People get scared away.  No one wants to be told “You are too small.” — Bryce Sanders

2. Time to Hedge Against Central Bank Uncertainty?

Following the surge in negative-yielding debt, we believe investors should consider how they hedge against central bank uncertainty and avoid being too conservative in fixed income. — Jan van Eck

3. What Does Your Success Look Like with Ray Hennessey

It might just take a little bit of crazy to be a great entrepreneur. — Permission to Succeed

4. If You’re Not Long, You’re Wrong

Trump is the only U.S. president that I’m aware of who sees the market as a barometer of his policies’ success. — Frank Holmes

5. How High Income Millennials Define Success

“Being financially stable’’ was the second-most popular response, selected by 68 percent of Millennials. — Catherine McBreen

6. “Smart Money” Shows It’s Stupidity Again

Ever since I began paying attention to the so called “smart money”, I have been amazed at how many stupid decisions they make. They are clearly not void of biases. — Jay Mooreland

7. The Biggest Risk for Stocks Isn’t What You Think

Earnings estimates have been falling for a year and corporate debt vs income is approaching financial crisis levels. What could possibly go wrong? — David Nelson

8. A 403(b) is a Bad Name for A Good Product

Today, there’s about $1 trillion in 403(b) plans. That’s certainly a lot, but their cousin, the 401(k), has five times that amount invested in the capital markets. — Thomas Kostigen

9. Why Advisors Should Engage a Recruiter

Just as advisors are entrusted to serve their clients first and foremost, recruiters should be expected to do the same for advisors—particularly in what has become a more complex world to navigate. — Mindy Diamond

10. 2020 Will Bring 40+ IPOs That Could Double Your Money

I love that the average guy thinks IPOs are dead. Because it means hunting for big IPO profits is “contrarian.” And the biggest profits usually flow into the pockets of investors who can think independently of the crowd. — Justin Spittler

11. Why You Should Talk Politics with Your Clients

It is one of the oldest rules in sales – never talk politics or religion to your clients. But maybe that idea needs some updating. — Stephen Wershing

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