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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read Articles of the Week

1. The S&P 500 Is Telling Us That Impeachment Matters. Here’s The Evidence

The stock market is tracing out a similar pattern from the Watergate Era. — Rob Isbitts

2. Can You Be Sure Your Advice Passes the Test?

The perpetual worry for financial advisers in the often over-regulated environment is “how can I be sure that my advice will pass the test?” — Tony Vidler

3. Bad Week for the Bears

On balance we believe that negativity probably makes the market less risky than if there was the type of exuberance that usually accompanies a price bubble. — Eric Kuby

4. Articulating the Value of Your Advice

At its core, it’s about explaining your business model in terms of client progression. I like to think of wealth creation as a game. — Stewart Bell

5. 3 Top Defensive Stocks for Your Portfolio

It generally a good practice to ensure a balanced portfolio, with limited exposure recession susceptible stocks. Adding defensive stocks to your portfolio can help you achieve some balance. — Craig Adeyanju

6. 4 Reasons Why Buying Leads Is Like Burning Money

Every so often I’ll hear from financial advisors who want to buy leads. They’re typically shocked when I tell them that buying a list of leads is perhaps the DUMBEST thing they can do. — James Pollard

7. Worried About Having to Charge More for Your Advice?

There is so much change happening for advisers right now that you could be forgiven for falling into the trap of introspection and worry. — Sue Viskovic

8. The Dwindling Trust Market

There is a dichotomy in the world of wealthy Americans, and it is a concern for the banking industry as a whole. — Catherine McBreen

9. Would You Ever Be so Bold as to Switch Your Niche?

Having made a clean break from the traditional advisor path, Danielle and Dustin share their perspective on playing the long-game and how they’re winning over this growing market. — Top Advisor Marketing

10. You’ve Got Your Friend as a Client: Now What?

That close friend became a client.  In your experience, you’ve had clients who became close friends.  Now it’s the reverse situation.  This might bring its own set of problems.  The answers to some might be surprising. — Bryce Sanders

11. This Stock Will Take Justin Bieber to Space and It’s a Good Investment

It sounds like a sci-fi movie, but have you heard of Virgin Galactic? Founded by British billionaire Richard Branson, the company has built the world’s first. — Justin Spittler

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