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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read

1.  Private Bankers: The SEALs of the Investing World

Experienced financial advisors know it’s all about establishing relationships.  People need to trust you.  Like you.  Feel you have their best interests at heart. — Bryce Sanders

2. Another S&P 500 Warning Sign Appears. How To Deal With It.

As the stock market continues near new all-time highs, there are 2 questions investors should be asking themselves. — Rob Isbitts

3. The Financial Services “Adapt or Perish” Scenario

The financial community in North America has, arguably, been fantastically successful for hundreds of years by catering to male clients. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

4. The Stunning Results of Real Inclusion in the Workplace

One of the most difficult things in our line of work is differentiating between diversity and inclusion. — Shirley Engelmeier

5. How to Become an Irresistible Person of Interest

A single, trusted relationship with an ambitious top executive can supercharge your business growth. — Andrew Sobel

6. Seeking a Long-Term Investment with Boundless Growth Potential?

Following companies that disrupt the status quo is fascinating. In nearly every industry, innovative companies are now using the power of robotics and AI to drive change that was unimaginable just a decade ago. — Travis Briggs

7. The Fed’s Policy Is Like Swatting Flies with Nuclear Weapons

The Federal Open Market Committee had an unscheduled meeting on October 4. That happens occasionally and they often don’t reveal it occurred until the next regular meeting. — John Mauldin

8. Articulating the Value of Your Advice

I want to share with you another gem that I’ve learned that makes transition conversations easier and many program members tell me is one of the most valuable elements of all. — Stewart Bell

9. Overcoming Your Fear of AI and Automation

While this digital evolution may mean the end of certain roles in the future of work, for most it will more likely mean a simultaneous evolution of skills and responsibilities in human-based occupations. — Linda Ding

10. Witch Way is Up

Despite a mixed bag of news, investors were treated to a Halloween rally that saw the S&P 500 gain 1.47% to set a new record high.  — Eric Kuby

11. The #1 Reason the World’s Most Powerful Stock Is Crashing

What’s the greatest company in history? You could make a strong case for shopping disruptor Amazon (AMZN). Its stock has handed early investors 100,000% gains and counting. — Stephen McBride

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