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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. Three Things Elite Advisors Love That Average Advisors Fear

Average Advisors get held back by letting their fear of performing certain essential tasks take control. Elite Advisors on the other hand have learned that with practice and perseverance it’s possible to actively embrace previously daunting tasks. — Don Connelly

2. It’s More Important for Advisors to Motivate Than to Inform

An advisor I am working with is rolling out some new tools and we were running through how to explain them to clients. He struggled with an obstacle I see many advisors encounter. — Stephen Wershing

3. SEC Issues RISK ALERT on Target-Date Funds

The Securities and Exchange Commission, the agency’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations risk alert said some TDFs provided “incomplete and potentially misleading disclosures” around conflicts of interest, such as those that could arise from “the use of affiliated funds and affiliated investment advisers.” — Scott Krase

4. The Past, Present, and Future of Direct Lending

Between 1992 and Q1 2019, the number of commercial banks in the United States decreased from 11,700 to 4,6521, roughly a 60% decrease across the board. This decrease over the years has been driven by a number of factors including bank mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations, all resulting in the fall of small banks and the growth of large and giant banks. — CION Investments

5. Five Little Lies Many Investors Tell Themselves

Sometimes advisors face an uphill battle.  Investors have “truths we hold to be self-evident” that either aren’t true or aren’t as simple as they think. — Bryce Sanders

6. Expanding the Purpose Your Professional Role

Don’t Get Left Behind … Great advisors are more than simply money managers or even financial planners: they play the part of a coach. — Paul Kingsman

7. How to Get Ideal Clients Through Favorable Introductions

What is the difference between a favorable introduction and a referral? I truly believe that your best clients are 10 times more comfortable introducing you to someone than giving you a referral or a specific name to call. — Grant Hicks

8. Safe Havens in an Uncertain World

Markets hate uncertainty. It drives volatility and ignites concerns. Over the past several years, uncertainty has been ever present. To better understand the perspectives, concerns and strategies of investors and advisors when it comes to managing uncertainty and mitigating volatility, let’s set the scene for 2019. — Nationwide Advisory Solutions

9. Will Free Trading Help Individuals Become Smarter Investors?

Behavioral biases or preferences, already the most substantive problem for investors, will now be free to roam. Overconfidence can now operate without bounds. — James E. Wilson

10. The Difference Between Social Selling 2015 vs Social Selling 2020

I see a lot of people who think they are social selling but they unfortunately are not. Often this is because they went on or course in 2015 or it could be because they are getting bad advice. This blog is about setting the record straight. — Timothy Hughes

11. Why Every Investor Should Own Pet Care Stocks

Pets Aren’t Cheap Anymore. Around 85 million US families own a pet, according to the National Pet Owners Survey. That’s 68% of US households. This figure has grown around 2% annually since 2011. But spending on those pets has increased almost 7% annually. — Robert Ross

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