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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


1. Why The S&P 500’s Long-Term Performance Is So Confusing To Investors

The good times make us forget the bad times. Be positive.  Think positive.  Don’t focus on the negatives.  Forget about it. — Rob Isbitts

2. Three Red Flags You Can Use to Avoid the Worst ETFs

Question: Why are there so many ETFs? Answer: ETF providers tend to make lots of money on each ETF so they create more products to sell. — David Trainer

3. Health and Wealth: Life Is Really Getting Complicated

Let’s face it: two of the most important areas of our lives – medical and financial – are becoming ever more complicated and worrisome. — Al Emid

4. Another Bullish Signal: S&P 500 vs. Predicted Value

We have previously detailed some potentially bullish fundamental and technical data that makes us believe the odds favor a decent year for stocks in 2019. — Norman Conley

5. Did We Forget What the Markets Are Really Like?

Quite often in investing, we tend to base our future expectations on somewhat recent events. — Jared Coffin

6. How to Keep up When the Markets Are Misbehaving

When the markets are misbehaving, how do you keep up? — Sungarden Investment Research

7. 5 Things to Keep in Mind Regarding This Year’s Market

In the interest of helping you and every other investor keep your head where it belongs, here is my not-so-typical list of New Year’s resolutions — Aaron Williams

8. Will the Nasdaq Hit 10,000 This Year?

Who would have thought I would be forecasting that the Nasdaq could zoom to 10,000 this year? — Harry Dent

9. The Coming of an Advice Renaissance?

I believe there are a number of signs that indicate a coming renaissance in personal financial advice. These signs started to show oddly enough, right after the market crisis of 2008. — Nicholas Stuller

10. Will 2019 Be the Year of Cryptocurrency?

Two years ago, Bitcoin and blockchain were among the hottest topics in the investment world.  — Bob Keane

11. 3 Successful Ways How to Use AI for Your Company

At the beginning of 2018, only 15% of all businesses have implemented AI into their strategies. In January 2019, that number is expected to rise to 31%, according to Towards Data Science. — Becky Holton

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