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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. The Difference That Clear Strategy Makes in an Advisor Practice

Good strategy is what guides and shapes business decisions to ensure that the business resources are actually being focussed on doing the right things the right way, at the right time. — Tony Vidler

2. We Are on the Brink of the Second Great Depression

The Repeat of the 1930s? Do I think it will happen in any significant way in the next few years? It is not my highest probability scenario. But imagine a recession that brings the US deficit to $2 trillion, possibly followed by a governmental change that raises taxes and spending. — John Mauldin

3. How Technology Can Help Advisors Master the Client Journey with Linda Ding

Why Advisors are focusing on the client experience as the key element of their business strategy. — Permission to Succeed

4. Are Advisor Business Valuations Falling?

Right here and now though, there’s a lot of angst around this topic. Valuations are swerving all over the place and have people wondering is it 2 times? 1.5? Less? — Stewart Bell

5. Why Advisors Need to Become Raving Fans for Their Clients

We hear a lot about turning our clients into raving fans for us, but we also must remember to be raving fans for our clients. — Paul Kingsman

6. Putting Brexit in Perspective

While the United Kingdom’s prospective departure from the European Union has caused significant trepidation for many investors over the past three years, Brexit’s long-term impact on the average portfolio remains murky. — David Lovell

7. Nine Reasons It Makes Sense to Pay for Financial Advice

Everyone wants to eliminate the middleman.  We buy online instead of shopping in stores.  A “For sale by owner” sign goes up when you want to cut out the realtor.  We want to invest without paying fees or commissions to a ‘broker.” — Bryce Sanders

8. How Advisors Can Create a Concise Plan for Success

Here’s the news flash – If you are struggling to grow your business, regardless of the economy, your current economy is only unveiling the fact that your current plan is simply not adequate. — Machen McDonald

9. Getting More Referrals by Achieving Radical Relevance

We dive deep on ideas and tactics to understand and communicate the problems that you solve and the role of client experience in driving growth. — Stephen Wershing

10. Be Careful of the Continuous Stream of Money Narratives

Thousands of images, words, and messages stream across our devices every day. These are mostly just background noise but some of it inevitably sticks. What’s got your attention right now? — James E. Wilson

11. Leveraging FinTech to Help Clients Manage Financial Wellness with Larry Shumbres

How Advisors are consolidating data from multiple sources to calculate financial wellness over the totality of their clients’ lives. — Permission to Succeed

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