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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. The Most Important Question You Haven’t Asked Your Advisor

The question you should be asking your advisor is this “Where will you be when I need you most?” — Matt Miller

2. How Artificial Intelligence Can Change the Game for Financial Advisors with Andrew Smith Lewis

How people learn, the emerging AI technology that is powering innovation in education, and how CAIS and their new learning system, CAIS IQ, are working to make advisors smarter. — Permission to Succeed

3. 8 Ways Advisors Can Get More Clients

Imagine a row of trees with only one or two of them thriving in full bloom.  Where does your attention go? — Machen MacDonald

4. What The Charts Say About Bitcoin

Ah, Bitcoin. The stuff of dreams. The new frontier in currency and commerce. The gateway to a world dominated by blockchain technology, with newly-minted zillionaires lining of streets of urban and rural sites across the globe. — Rob Isbitts

5. Should Investors Care About Impeachment?

Public opinion has shifted noticeably as additional details emerged about President Trump’s alleged quid pro quo. — Glenmede

6. Are You Offering Advice Clients Fast Food or Fine Dining?

Many advisers are unsure about what they offer advice clients – cheap and cheerful advice on the fly, or a superb planning experience.  Both do the job, albeit in different ways. — Tony Vidler

7. Fusing the Physical World with the Digital

Stockholm-based Hexagon’s unique focus on connecting data feeds, people, machines and processing power makes it the No. 3 most innovative company in Sweden, measured by R&D as a percent of sales, according to our intangible-adjusted data. — Knowledge Leaders

8. Is It Time to Go for Defensive Stocks?

While economists aren’t forecasting a recession yet, investors might want to increase the weight of defensive stocks in their profiles. In a mid-year report Mike Wilson, Chief U.S. equity strategist at Morgan Stanley, said of the bull market, “We’re moving from the perception that this is late-cycle to a belief that it’s end of cycle.” — Nikki-Lee Birdsey

9. You Hate It – So Why Do It to Your Clients?

There was a time when asset firms trying to sell their products to financial advisors was the norm. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

10. The End of Apple Has Begun

When Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage this September, nobody expected the shocking news he was about to deliver… — Stephen McBride

11. 10 Reasons Why Your Friends Aren’t Referring You

How many articles have you read about getting clients to refer business?  Lots.  There’s another huge pool of people out there – Friends who aren’t clients, yet know what you do for a living. — Bryce Sanders

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