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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read of the Week

1. Helping Clients Achieve Goals Through Charitable Giving with Kim Laughton

Charles Schwab’s laser focus on doing what’s right for the client, Schwab Charitable’s 20-year history, and how proud they are to help advisors and their clients meet both financial and philanthropic goals. — Permission to Succeed

2. Before You Get “Fired” by a Client Ask Yourself These Questions

When you work for yourself – which is essentially what financial advisors do – and you are fired by a client, it can be just as perplexing.  Why you wonder? — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

3. Is Anything Free? Twelve Free Things We Actually Pay For

Commission free online trading is in the news.  Clients likely ask: “Does that mean my trades will now be free too?”  It’s a delicate subject. — Bryce Sanders

4. The American Retirement Nightmare

It’s no secret that Americans are falling short when it comes to saving enough for retirement. But as a new report shows, many are disastrously unprepared — and that may point to flaws in the system. — Leo Kolivakis

5. How Advisors Sabotage Their Own Success

As the new decade draws near, it is important that we come prepared with the right frame of mind. — Joseph Lukacs

6. The Future Belongs to Finishers

As I have said many times during this goals series on the podcast – setting goals is easy.  Accomplishing them is not. — Stacey Brown Randall

7. How Advisors Can Go Big and Have Their Best Year Yet

When it comes to business plans, most entrepreneurs and sales people slip into a low grade coma anticipating the exercises of creating vision and mission statements. — Machen MacDonald

8. This Stock Is the “Amazon of Medicine”

Did you see the crazy Thanksgiving shopping numbers? On Thanksgiving Day, Americans spent a whopping $4.2 billion—shattering last year’s record by 14.5%. The next day, Americans shelled out $7.4 billion on “Black Friday” deals. — Justin Spittler

9. Grinch Alert: What Could Go Wrong in 2020?

The consensus has turned very bullish, even frothy, so it’s time to play contrarian and ask what could go wrong in the coming year. There’s plenty. — Greg Valliere

10. Connect with Your Clients Through Storytelling with Heather Brilliant

Heather Brilliant, CEO and President of Diamond Hill Capital Management, discussing the benefits of active management, the evolution of ESG investing and what Advisors should look for when considering investment in it. — Permission to Succeed

11. Canopy Growth Has Hit a Dead End

It was supposed to be a routine police raid… But when the cops stormed an illegal pot operation in California earlier this year, even grizzled veterans were shocked by what they found. — Stephen McBride

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