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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. Surviving the End of Asset Management Fees

What would be different about your business if charging a percentage of assets were no longer an option? — Stephen Wershing

2. Hey 60/40 Investors: You Need A New ‘40’

For many years, I have been the guy warning investors and financial advisors about the risk of 60/40 portfolios. — Rob Isbitts

3. When Advisors Should Make the Call … to Call Their Clients

The question that is constantly discussed is whether financial advisors need to contact their investor clients with urgency when the stock market reacts to economic news. — Catherine McBreen

4. Creating Remarkable Experiences is the Single Best Way to Future-Proof Your Business

There are more than 300,000 advisors in the U.S. alone – what makes you stand out? How do you differentiate your firm from every other firm out there? — Jud Mackrill

5. The FOMOTINA Rally Has Kicked Into High Gear

Bulls Run Wild. The FOMOTINA Rally (Fear of Missing Out There Is No Alternative) kicked into high gear, with U.S. stocks hitting record closing highs again. — Eric Kuby

6. The Wild West of Crypto

When bitcoin first appeared, I got into trouble. I kept saying that you cannot have money without government, and the libertarians called me a statist. Whatever. However … the older crypto gets, the more it looks like banking. — Chris Skinner

7. Three Ways to Spot an Impostor

I feel that it is my duty to not only protect the investing public from bad actors, but to also help them learn to tell the difference.  The topic of why we trust who we trust is something I obsess over. — Matt Miller

8. The Evolution of the Advisor with Christopher Crawford

Douglas Heikkinen and Christopher Crawford, National Director of Strategic Relationships at Buffalo Funds, discuss how Advisors are evolving and staying more relevant than ever in today’s environment. — Permission to Succeed

9. Growing Your Advisory is All About Cultivating Relationships

When it comes to creating your plan to grow your business the cornerstone of that plan is marketing. Marketing is simply communicating over and over and over to your target market how your products and services will make their life better. — Machen McDonald

10. Delivering a Simplified, Personalized, and Relevant Experience

If you want to improve the customer experience, you first need to understand your customers and their experiences. — Annette Franz

11. Why the Sales-Centric Ways of the Financial Services Industry Needs to End

This is a candid discussion that uncovers the flaws of this industry and what Justin is doing to keep service at the forefront, even if it means being an outlier. — Justin Bennett

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