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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. Understanding the Numbers of a Great Financial Planning Business

Financial Planning firms that understand their numbers outperform those that don’t. Why? — Brett Davidson

2. Thriving in Volatile Times with Kevin Guerette 

Why there is disparity in the top 50 ETF producers and why mutual funds are less expensive to administer than ETFs. — Permission to Succeed

3. Why History’s Longest Bull Market Is Just Getting Started

Doom and gloom predictions about the stock market drive click. I get it. But those predictions have fallen flat for 10 years straight. — Robert Ross

4. The Bullish Case For Stocks, And What Pre-Retirees Can Do About It

A ‘melt-up’ into early 2020 looks very realistic. But then what? — Rob Isbitts

5. What Does Strong Leadership Look Like Within Wealth Management?

You may have heard the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” – the same sentiment holds true for delivering sound financial advice. — Joseph Konrad

6. What’s Missing From The Financial Plan You Offer?

Whether it is an American trait or a human trait, it is an expectation that we want to receive everything we can receive when we are offered services or products we purchase. — Catherine McBreen

7. Will Investors Continue to Shrug off Headlines in Favor of Facts and Policies in 2020?

The decade is ending on a high note, but the journey was anything but celebratory.  As the market worked higher and higher in 2019, investors focused on every potential lurking risk rather than enjoying the steadily improving economy. — Liz Miller

8. Where the World Is Going

We all want to know the future. Unfortunately, the future isn’t talking. It’s just coming, like it or not. We can, however, make educated forecasts. — Patrick Watson

9. New Year’s Resolutions for Clients in 2020

Investors will likely look back on 2019, thinking it was a pretty good year.  They know the good times can’t last forever, but it’s been a good time for a pretty long time. — Bryce Sanders

10. 7 Actionable Goal Setting Tips For Financial Advisors

Having clearly defined goals is critical to your success as a financial advisor. — James Pollard

11. 6 Digital Marketing Resolutions Every Financial Advisor Should Make

With the New Year right about the corner, we want to talk about how you can revamp your marketing strategy in 2020! — Samantha Russell

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