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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1. Impeachment Does Not Agree With Investors

Millionaires appeared to react severely to the impeachment of a pro-business president, reducing their interest in individual stock investing and increasing their intention to invest in cash products by almost the same percentage. — Catherine McBreen

2. Looking for Value Beyond the Corporate Giants with Ali Motamed

Why Invenomic focuses on active investing and seeks out value in non-saturated industries with the room to grow. — Permission to Succeed

3. Is This the Beginning of “Amazon’s Apocalypse”?

Nike is the biggest retailer to break up with Amazon, but it’s not the first. From mom-and-pop stores to retail giants, more than one million businesses are ditching Amazon and selling online independently. — Stephen McBride

4. Five Reasons Advisors Should Move Their Book Now!

Whatever the decision looks like and where you may be considering landing, the climate for a transition is as strong as it’s been for a decade. — 3xEquity

5. Do You Deserve The Title Fiduciary?

If you’re not including long-term care in the mix for your clients, you’re missing an important element of their financial well-being. — Paul Kingsman

6. Stocks Seem Bulletproof as Oil Awaits Iran

US stocks appear bulletproof after recovering most of the decline from the assassination of Iran’s top commander.  The world seems to be confident for now that a tit-for-tat retaliation game of ping-pong will not derail the bullish outlook for global equities. — Edward Moya

7. The Fed Is Creating a Monster Bubble

Ignoring problems rarely solves them. You need to deal with them—not just the effects, but the underlying causes, or else they usually get worse. — John Mauldin

8. What Every Financial Advisor Should Understand About Her Clients

There is very little about the financial services business that is designed to appeal to women. — Adri Miller-Heckman

9. A Game Changer That Will Obscure Everything Else

A Violent escalation of hostilities between the U.S. and Iran is nearly certain in the coming days, a game changer that will obscure everything else — impeachment, the Iowa caucuses, the stock market rally, etc. — Greg Valliere

10. Best Stocks for 2020, According to Wall Street Analysts

The key to winning in the stock market is pretty straightforward own a portfolio of winning stocks. The tricky part is identifying stocks that will win, as there’s no crystal ball that helps in this regard. — Craig Adeyanju

11. The Equity Outlook is Between Optimism and a Hard Place in 2020

Are these the last gasps of a decade-long bull market? This question is on everyone’s mind as the new year begins—and there’s no clear answer. — Sharon Fay and Christopher Hogbin

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