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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read of the Week!

1. Women Don’t Want Female Advisors

There is a common myth that perpetuates throughout our industry and that is that women prefer female advisors. — George Walper, Jr.

2. Success is Built on “We” with Ross Marino

The greying of advisors is not necessarily forcing them out. Excitement around new ways of business is keeping them engaged. — Permission to Succeed

3. Can Too Many Good Things Can Be a Bad Thing for Advisors?

For most advisors, it’s easy to be seduced by the idea of developing your business further and focusing more on marketing. — Joseph Lukacs

4. Feeling Too Popular? Talk to Clients About Their Debt

Clients don’t need to hear “Easy come, easy go.”  They are seeing what volatility can do to paper profits.  It’s time to put on your protective clothing and talk to clients about their consumer debt load. — Bryce Sanders

5. Five Big Trends Reshaping Wealth Management in 2020

Whether it’s about products or company culture, transparency is at or near the top of most clients’ priorities when they select investment managers. — Artur Baluszynski

6. A Whole New Way to Find Your Cash Rich Niche

The way most of you are told to find a niche is hard and complicated. It’s like climbing endless stairs that go on forever. It’s no surprise many of you are confused. — Stan Mann

7. How Sustainable Is the Interest in Sustainable Investing?

With an ever-growing interest in sustainable investing, investors want to understand whether this is a passing trend or here to stay. — Samantha Azzarello

8. Get Your Clients Comfortable Being Uncomfortable with Rodrigo Gordillo

The importance of expanding your clients’ portfolios beyond U.S. equities into global investments — Power Your Advice

9. What If You Only Had One Customer Left to Do Business With?

Let’s pretend for a moment. What if this were true? Not so much that your customer is the last on earth, but that they are the only one you have. — Shep Hyken

10. Five Personal Questions Older Advisors Need To Ask Themselves

You offer sage advice after years of experience. And then there’s your OWN plan: when is it time to schedule your own exit from the burdens of your work? — Carolyn Rosenblatt

11. Ask These Questions to Increase Closing Ratio by 72.3%

Top performing advisors know that you need to make it all about your prospect or client by asking great questions and paying close attention to the answers. — Jason L. Smith

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