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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


1. The Past Performance Game: Don’t Play It

Play this game instead. Recently, I wrote an article in which I presented a “mystery” set of investments and had you choose the one that looked the best to you.  — Rob Isbitts

2. 5 Less Than Obvious Ways to Ask for Referrals

Most advisors loath prospecting.  They see it as an initiation process to get into the business. — Bryce Sanders

3. 5 Must Have Traits to Build Strong Relationships With Clients

Your personal likeability and trustworthiness are more important than your professional knowledge when it comes to winning and building enduring client relationships. — Don Connelly

4. Should Investors Worry About the Maturity Wall?

The U.S corporate debt market has had a solid start to the year, with U.S Investment Grade (IG) bonds up 2.7% and U.S. High Yield up 5.4%. Looking ahead … — Alex Dryden

5. 5 Pioneering Companies To Watch For Solid Returns In 2019

The U.S.-China trade disagreement, several Fed rate hikes, global politics and volatile oil prices have created a whirlwind of turbulence in the 2019 global markets. — Ron Corke

6. Hot Industries to Watch for Future Opportunities

There are several growth industries predicted to have a promising future. Renewable energy, pet care, healthcare services, robotics, and translation services are the industries to watch. — Lewis Robinson

7. Hedge Fund Holdings: Top Stocks, New Buys and More

Hedge funds didn’t have a great 2018. They posted a loss of 5.7 percent, according to Bloomberg. Nevertheless, it’s still a huge market. — John S Kiernan

8. The Strategies Behind Investing for Multiple Timeframes

When investing for different time frames, all you have to do is invest in separate portfolios for your short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals, right? — Sungarden Investment Research

9. Would You Do This to Pay Zero Income Taxes for Life?

Interested in Paying No Income Taxes For Life? Start Making Babies. — Frank Holmes

10. An Attorney’s Advice on Navigating Transition to Independence

The acceleration of advisor movement, particularly to the independent space, and the proliferation of a hyper-compliant culture within the walls of the big brokerages is keeping people like attorney David Gehn very busy these days. — Mindy Diamond

11. The New Ultimate Luxury Item for HNW Individuals

Wealthy individuals around the world are now increasingly considering investing in a second citizenship or overseas residency. — George Prior

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