11 Most Read Iris Articles of the Week (August 1-5)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on IRIS.xyz , August 1-5, 2016 . Click the headline to read the full article. Enjoy!

1. How One Financial Planner Saves for Retirement

Although I am a little uncomfortable sharing, I thought it would be refreshing to share how my wife and I have planned for our own retirement. — Damon Gonzalez

2. Want More Clients? Simply Show Prospects the Financial Advice Planning Process

The Challenge: Getting prospects to buy into the financial advice planning process. The Solution: Show them HOW the process works. The keywords there are “show” and “how“ — T ony Vidler

3. In Plain Sight: An Important Tol for Advisors with Clients in Need of Long-Term Care

Financial advisors work diligently to help seniors achieve post-retirement safety and security. But there is one area of financial planning that has become so great a concern it has, literally, been labeled an American “crisis”: The Long-Term Care Crisis. — Michael Freedman

4. 5 Things to Do Now Because the Next Recession Will Be Way Worse

How many people think that in our lifetime we will never see another Lehman Brothers? Despite the optimistic forecasts that economists are gleefully singing based upon positive jobs and GDP data, the system is still broken. — Sara Grillo

5. Advisors: Robos See That Their Future Lies in Playing Nice

Change is coming rapidly for robo advisors. Offering a simple, automated investment platform at rock-bottom fees, robo advisors have caused a massive stir in the wealth management industry in recent years. Growth has accelerated, as robo advisors sign up new consumers and gather more assets. At the same time ... — Mitchell H Caplan

6. The Millennial Generation Has Killed Relationships

We are the instant gratification generation. And it has killed our romantic lives. Let me explain. I think it’s safe to say that, if you ask just about anyone in modern society, they’d tell you that dating today is distinctly different than it was ten years ago. — Torie Richardson

7. What Would You Do if You Stopped Watching the Market?

Think of the hours spent watching the ticker symbols swim across the screen. Consider the time devoted to listening and reacting to the pundits and “experts” who predict what will happen next. — Michael Kay

8. Strategies That Can Help Accelerate a Client Relationship

Client relationships can take a long time to develop. This is especially true in large corporate environments where you have multiple stakeholders that have to be won over and executives who are cautious about opening up to an external advisor. — Andrew Sobel

9. Make Your Advice as Valuable as a Starbucks Latte: 5 Ways to Attract Millennials

You’ve heard the numbers: it costs 4 to 10 times more to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one. It’s why smart companies focus the bulk of their marketing and development efforts on current clients, and for companies like Starbucks, it’s been a strategy paved in gold. — Bill Acheson

10. How to Use Refinancing for Anyone Cash-Strapped in Retirement

Recently mortgage rates dropped to their lowest rates in history. At the moment, rates are sitting at an amazing 3.25% to 3.75% for a 30-year fixed mortgage. For anyone still holding on to high-interest debt—including retirees—this is great news. — George Guerin

11. Why Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton Won't Tax Municipal Bonds

U.S. municipal bonds have had a spectacular first half of the year. As of July 1, they returned 6.2 percent on a tax-adjusted basis, compared to the 2.7 percent for the S&P 500 Index, placing them among the top performers of 2016 so far. — Frank Holmes