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11 Most Read Iris Articles of the Week (August 15-19)


11 Most Read Iris Articles of the Week (August 15-19)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on IRIS.xyzAugust 15-19, 2016.  Click the headline to read the full article.  Enjoy!

1. The 7 Reasons Financial Advisors Struggle Attracting Leads

Everyone in financial services understands that advisors generate 75-90% of all their new business from referrals. That doesn’t mean they’re generating enough revenue however, as most advisors will tell you they want more referrals, more leads, more clients. — Kirk Lowe

2. A Millennial’s Decision: Robo-Advisor or Advisor?

For many people my age, stocks are a foreign concept. Unless their portfolio was set up by a parent or family member, chances are, it doesn’t exist. Oddly enough, many millennials, particularly females, hold an antiquated notion that investing in stocks is a characteristic of old, white men. — Nicole Anglace

3. The Future of Social and Messaging Apps: Predictions for 2020

It’s no exaggeration to say that the future of messaging apps is the future of mobile. Six out of the top ten most used mobile apps are messaging apps according to research firm Quettra. — Catherine D. Wood

4. The Top Three Ways RIAs Can Thrive in the Fintech Revolution

Ever since the financial crisis of 2008, Wall Street and everyday investors alike have been scrambling for safer ways to invest and manage their money. The fear of another Lehman moment has driven financial services firms to re-evaluate their tools of the trade. — Rachelle Gaynor

5. Fear Keeps Millennials on Investing Sidelines

Millennials are nervous about investing. Recent surveys have shown that 70% of millennials keep their savings in cash rather than invest it in the stock market. — Brad Sherman

6. The Last Known Gold Deposit as Massive Inflows Continue into Gold Funds

Gold is one of the rarest elements in the world, making up roughly 0.003 parts per million of the earth’s crust. For some perspective, one part per million, when converted into time, is equivalent to one minute in two years. Gold is even rarer than that. — Frank Holmes

7. 10 Financial Mistakes That Most Often Result in Remorse

Can a poor financial decision ruin your life? Possibly. Financial failures vary in severity, depending on a wide range of variables such as your age, earning capacity, education, and timing. — Rick Kahler

8. How Financial Advisors and Their Clients Can Profit from “Non-Bank Banking”

The proliferation of non-bank banking in the residential mortgage industry contributed to the great recession that began in 2008. Ironically, the consequences of the great recession have created the next phase of non-bank banking. — Bill Acheson

9. Some Firms Still Resent Placing Retirement Investors’ Interests Before Their Own

Some broker-dealers and insurance companies are complaining about the cost of putting investor clients’ interests before their own when working with retirement investors, retirement plans, and investors who may roll out of a retirement plan (if it’s in their best interest). — Kathleen McBride

10. How to Find Your Unique Angle to Nail Down Value Proposition

Many advisers find nailing their value proposition a hard thing to do.  Part of it is because they don’t always start in the right place, choosing to focus on the services they offer instead of the specific problems they solve for clients and the impact that has on their lives. — Stewart Bell

11. How I Learned the Value of Money at 10 Years Old

Let’s face it, money is a total taboo topic.  I can see why this exists in society, but I have no idea why it has to be true in your own private home.  I have so many friends who say that they never discussed money in their household.  It was a forbidden subject.  Well, this was not the case in my house. — Sima Patel

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