11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (June 13-17)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on IRIS.xyz , June 13-17, 2016 . Click the headline to read the full article. Enjoy!

1. How to Build and Scale Your Financial Advisory Practice

If I was asked to give only one idea to build and scale a financial advisory practice, this would be the idea. — Grant Hicks

2. For Advisors, Daring to Be Different Can Be a Game Change

Be different. Think different. Act different. It seems everyone’s mantra these days has something to do with being anything but traditional. — Bill Acheson / Mark Petersen

3. Why Post-Divorce Finances Are Trickier Than You Think

Most people need help to implement their divorce order properly. After a long, emotionally charged divorce process, you’ve arrive at a final divorce settlement agreement. It seems fair, reasonable and satisfying. You expect to receive what the final judgment states you are due. — Lili Vasileff

4. Your LinkedIn Connections: Your Biggest Business Asset

Your ability to get warm introductions through LinkedIn is only as strong as your network of connections. In other words, LinkedIn is only as powerful as you build your network to be. — Laura Virili

5. Adding Wisdom to Smart Beta Strategies

Smart Beta ETF’s have captured the imaginations of the investing public over the past five years, growing to more than 440 ETF’s and over $450 billion in assets, according to Morningstar. — Joseph Hosler

6. 15+ Tech Solutions to Help You Work With NextGen Clients

Millennials now surpass Baby Boomers as the largest generation alive. This means it’s more important than ever before for advisors to develop strategies to connect with Gen Y. Any RIA which aims to be sustainable in the long-term needs a strategy to appeal to Millennials, who have unique financial needs and preferences. — Carolyn Rose Kick

7. Advisors: Have Opinions. Share Them. Become Your Business.

Forming and then delivering an opinion is what professional advisers do for a living. With every client and every engagement opinions are created and expressed. Virtually every incoming phone call and email that arrives from clients demands another opinion. — T ony Vidler

8. 5 Activities With the Greatest Return on Marketing Investment

There is no such thing as “free” marketing. Like any other facet of a business, marketing requires an investment. But investment in marketing can often times be hard to quantify in dollars or percentage of revenue. Time spent on marketing activities is easily lost in the ledger. — John Tyreman | Hinge Marketing

9. Are You Mapping Customer Journeys? 15 Reasons to Why Its Vital

Journey mapping isn't just for the customer experience. Map the employee experience, the partner experience, and the experience of any other constituent with whom you interact, including your internal customers. — Annette Franz

10. Financial Services PR in the New World Order and Why You Need to Care

Traditional TV news audiences are declining at the same rate as print according to a study by the Reuters Institute. With generations growing up with streaming services like Netflix, public interest in traditional, linear, broadcast news is shrinking. Media is now consumed on-demand and in sound bites. — Carden Calder / Katy Lithgow

11. The Four Real Benefits of a Strong Advisor Brand

Most financial advisory firms understand the potential value of a powerful brand. One challenge I often see though is the problem they face in understanding and positioning Brand ROI within their firms. — Kirk Lowe