11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (June 20-24)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on IRIS.xyz , June 20-24, 2016 . Click the headline to read the full article. Enjoy!

1. The U.S. Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule: How Does It Affect You?

Under the Department of Labor’s new fiduciary rule, financial services providers are required to acknowledge fiduciary status for themselves and their advisors when giving retirement advice. The rule presents sweeping changes for the money management industry. — M arie Dzanis

2. Myth Busters: Top 3 Reasons to Recommend Life Settlements

Myth BUSTED: The life insurance secondary market actually helps seniors obtain maximum value for life insurance policies that are almost certain to lapse or be surrendered. — Michael Freedman

3. Schwab Ads Place Clients and Fiduciaries Front And Center

Fiduciary advice is going mainstream and this is historically great for investors. It will enable retirement investors to accumulate much, much more in their nest eggs without having non-fiduciaries siphon off easily half, or two-thirds as the video notes, of retirees' hard-earned savings. — Kathleen McBride

4. Hot ETF Options to Track Popular Hedge Fund Positions

The S&P 500 utilities sector rose 15% in the first quarter, as investors sought out the relative safety of these dividend-paying domestically focused companies amid elevated global market volatility. — Todd Rosenbluth

5. Good Riddance to Risky Data Aggregation

Hooray for real innovation in wealth management – a long overdue improvement that protects and works better for the savers and investors. — Peggy McGillin

6. Eleven Reasons Advisors Don't Have a Succession Plan

All of us who work with business owners have heard the excuses owners use to put off doing the things that they know they should do but just don’t see as pressing. — John Brown

7. This Rarely Used Tool Helps EVERY Advisor Outsmart ANY Digital Competitor

What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of the digital revolution? Are you afraid of the ongoing innovations in our financial planning business? Are you afraid you can’t keep up? Are you afraid your client doesn’t recognize the value you deliver? Are you afraid you will not have a reason to exist? — Ronald Sier

8. Why Robo-Advisors Will Have Issues Maintaining the Trust of Their User Base

Robo-only advisors have recently been very successful at raising new capital and focusing their resources on winning over millennials. Therefore, we find it timely to discuss the client’s historical need of a financial adviser. — Joseph Hosler

9. When Flying Blind Works: How to Succinctly Define How You Can Help Clients

What are you doing to help your clients understand your role and their need to trust you and closely follow your instructions so they can successfully achieve their financial goals? — Paul Kingsman

10. Implications of Brexit: A Detailed Viewpoint

The decision to leave the EU is a tremendous one for the British people. The UK accounts for 13% of the EU’s population and about 15% of its economic output. To put this into perspective, Brexit would be akin to the entire Northeast region of the United States, including the financial hub of New York, choosing to secede from the union because they pay a lot more in taxes to the center than the benefits they receive in return. — Dr. Sonu Varghese

11. What Brexit is all About: Taxation (and Regulation) Without Representation

“It is obvious that the economies of EU member states are falling behind those of other high-income countries, falling behind consistently, and by a significant amount. Too much regulation must be the main explanation.” — F rank Holmes