11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (June 6 - 10)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on IRIS.xyz , June 6-10, 2016 . Click the headline to read the full article. Enjoy!

1. Why You Should Give Dividends Your Undivided Attention

Just as a famous artist can have an influence beyond their chosen genre of art and beyond the arts entirely, the world of finance can see the influence of a particular metric or practice reverberate far beyond its initial purpose. — Nasdaq Global Indexes

2. The Perennial Challenge in Selling Advice Is Positioning It as Valuable: How to Do It

Giving advice is all about analysing the desired outcomes for clients, weighing up the possibilities, deciding on the optimal way forward and then managing the behavioural change required by the clients to achieve the desired outcome. — T ony Vidler

3. 8 Technologies Revolutionizing the Advisor Space

#6. The best part is that Smarsh stores everything in a cloud, which frees up your storage space. Smarsh’s platform includes powerful search and discovery tools, making it easy for you to find the exact information you need, whenever you need it. — Carolyn Rose Kick

4. How Investment Managers Leave up to 3% a Year on the Table

So even the professionals who use sophisticated technology and extensive research make mental errors in their decision making. After all, they are also human and have to manage their cognitive biases and emotions when under pressure. — H ugh Massie

5. A New Approach to Gamma Using Tax-Efficient Investing to Solve the Retirement Income Challenge

Morningstar came out with a report last year discussing the rate of withdrawal for retirement income. When I started in this business, it used to be 5%, then 4%. But now, Morningstar says it’s 2.8%. How many investors have enough saved to live on 2.8%? — Laurence P Greenberg

6. How to Build and Scale Your Financial Advisory Practice

If I was asked to give only one idea to build and scale a financial advisory practice, this would be the idea.. — Grant Hicks

7. Why Americans Need to Reclaim Their Mental Toughness

Americans are too busy blaming others for their problems and mistakes instead of stepping up to take responsibility for their own future. We’ve begun to believe we are a privileged group of people. — LaRae Quy

8. Farewell to Real Assets? Not Yet

The global economy continues to exhibit subdued growth and below target inflation. Central bank policies have begun to diverge as financial markets react with ramped-up volatility and gyrating risk asset prices. The behavior of commodities has been especially noteworthy. — Marie Dzanis

9. These Top Priorities for Advisors Are Also Keys to Success

As RIAs and the industry-at-large continue to mature, firms are learning from each other and sharing best practices to help build scale and fuel growth. The independent model is clearly winning today among high net worth investors, and RIAs are also preparing themselves to capture future opportunities. — Frank Serebrin

10. Looking for the Right Alternative Investments? Be Sure You're Dipping Your Toes in the Right Place!

Even for those of us who see the market as a mostly cyclical, reliable environment, the past decade or so has been quite a wake-up call. — Bill Acheson

11. Advisors: 3 Ways to Attract New Clients for Long-Term Success

If you want your RIA to succeed, you need to maintain or grow your client base. To do that, you must welcome the changes being demanded by the public. So how can RIAs see these demands as opportunities to position themselves for long-term success? — Joe Anthony