11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (May 16-20)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on IRIS.xyz , May 16-20, 2016 . Click the headline to read the full article. Enjoy!

1. Financial Advisors Have a Problem — and the Problem Is Not Dumb Consumers

“Only 9% of consumers would go to a financial planner for retirement planning” “12% of consumers would seek investment advice from a financial planner" Wow. What on earth do consumers think financial planners actually do? — Tony Vidler

2. The Case for Dividend Quality: A Multi-Faceted Approach

For decades, dividend income has been a crucial component of a stock investor’s total return, often trumping capital appreciation in volatile markets. In this recent environment of falling yields on bonds with interest rates at or near zero, dividends are especially valued. — Shundrawn Thomas

3. Why Saying No to More Non Ideal Clients Is Liberating!

Every time you say yes to a new client or prospect, who does not meet your ideal client criteria is costing you, not generating revenue. Think of the time it is taking away from ideal clients, and even your personal time, family and health. — Grant Hicks

4. Why a Roboadvisor is Like Getting Financial Advice at a McDonald's Drive Through

Well, there is one factor that is being overlooked: human emotion. People are emotional about their money. What may seem like a good idea on paper can be seen in a different light when it has a real impact on your real life. — Sara Grillo

5. Change Manager: Therapist, Babysitter, Cat Herder

The wealth management industry is undergoing a rapid change, with the most recent being the new DOL fiduciary rule positioned to transform the way the financial industry delivers investment advice. — Thomas Phelps

6. How Successful Networkers Network

Networking, in essence, is not exactly about who you meet in your networking activities – it’s about who they know. And it’s about sharing who you know with them. — Maribeth Kuzmeski

7. Shopping for a Financial Adviser: Why You MUST Investigate Their History

When shopping for financial advisers, you need to investigate their education, niche, process, compensation structure, and experience to see whether they are a good fit for your needs. — Rick Kahler

8. 5 Big Reasons You’re Losing Potential Clients

Avoid these pitfalls of coaches and consultants who want to build thriving practices but are consistently losing potential clients and falling short of their goals. — Alli Polin

9. Deliver Investors a Growing Income Stream Through Dividend Growth Investing

Many investors want to participate in the wealth-building potential of the stock market, but seek a solution that will dampen downside volatility relative to the overall market. — Denver Investments

10. Advisors: The Number One Time Killer and How to Get Those Hours Back

At what point did making non touch-typists input file notes into a computer system ever sound like a good idea? — Stewart Bell

11. Financial Advisors: Why Humans Are Not Wired for Disciplined Investing

Money has always been a ‘touchy’ ‘emotional’ subject. Whether discussions resolve around – making it, losing it, sharing it, incorrectly quoting about it i.e. “money is the root of all evil” — Hugh Massie