11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (May 23-27)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on IRIS.xyz , May 23-27, 2016 . Click the headline to read the full article. Enjoy!

1. An Easy Way to Explain Smart Beta to Clients (With a Little Help From M&Ms)

In case you missed it, along with just about every kid finishing third grade this year, Smart Beta ETFs have now been around for about a decade. Yet despite their relative maturity, many advisors continue to find it challenging to explain Smart Beta to their clients. — N asdaq Global Indexes

2. Advisors: The Choice Is to Evolve With the Rest of the World or Become Irrelevant

There is a seemingly continuous lament about the ageing of the financial advisory business and it is certainly true when you look back at photo’s after a conference that there does appear to be an exceptionally high proportion of grey-haired middle-aged men. — T ony Vidler

3. 5 Ways to Avoid Generational Warfare

In the next decade, billions of dollars in assets will be passed onto the children and grandchildren of baby boomers. In parallel to this wealth shift is a generational shift in the advisory firm workplace as millennial advisors enter the wealth management business. — L inda Ding

4. Attracting New Clients Is All About the Ability for You to Quickly Build Trust: You Have 17 Seconds

This first impression is based 55 percent on appearance, 7 percent on the words we use during course of our conversation and 38 percent on the tone of the voice. So even before you get sufficient time to demonstrate your abilities, prospects and clients have formed their first impression and created “labels” (serious, fun, blunt, friendly, etc.) about your personality. — P eggy Mengel

5. Succession Planning - Crunching Numbers to Avoid Financial Failure

Talk about unprepared! Were we? Well, let’s jump in. Financial advisors, RIAs, and financial planners, all 600,000 or so in various permutations, are as a group rather unprepared for passing on the business to the next ownership entity. — F rank Serebrin

6. A Simpler Way to Add the Benefits of Real Asset Investing

Disappointing global economic growth in the recent past has moved central banks to intervene with aggressive monetary policy, fueling the drive toward riskier asset classes. Inflation has been muted and traditional fixed income assets have not provided the yield necessary to meet short and long-term income needs. — M arie Dzanis

7. The Second Best Way to Get Referrals…

When I’m on the podium or at the front of the class, or in a conversation with a prospect about referrals, I ask the following two questions: “What do you think is the best way to get referrals?” “What do you think is the 2nd best way to get referrals?” — B obbie Foedisch

8. People No Longer Quit Their Bosses; They Quit Their Peers

Generally, we take it for granted that a good employee is someone who excels in their position. However, sometimes the best performers don’t have a great attitude, and other times those with the best attitude aren’t all that great at their job. — Dora Wang

9. Stop Tolerating: What Are You Allowing in Your Work and Life That Bothers You?

What are you tolerating? How would your work, leadership, and life be different if you no longer settled? — D r. Christi Hegstad

10. The Money People ARE on LinkedIn: Hit Them With Content That's Too Good to Overlook

With half of professionals on planet Earth using LinkedIn, it’s pretty clear what the most powerful business website in the world is. Yet so many businesses who target high net worth individuals, decision makers, company owners, and other assorted big mucky mucks insist that their clients are not using LinkedIn, so such prospecting is useless. — S ara Grillo

11. Do You Follow These 5 Strategies to Be a Better Thought Leader?

Blend in your “special sauce” and go all in. This means you must not only be clear on your specialty area, but how you best deliver the goods. Are you a researcher of data and trends or more of a translator? — R ochelle Moulton